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21 January 2020

لطيفة - #أخبروني | Latifa - They told me

إسم الأغنية: أخبروني
غناء: لطيفة
كلمات : نزار قباني
ألحان : د. طلال
توزيع : يحيى الموجي

Song name: "Akhbarooni" (They told me)
Singer: Latifa
Lyrics: Nizar Qabbani
Composer: Talal
Mix by: Yahya AlMooji
Genre: Slow Classic Arabic/ Tarab
English translation by:

أخبرُوني بأنَّ حسناءَ غيري...
They told me that a beauty other than me...
يا صديقي، لديك حلَّت محلَّي
My dear friend, took over my place
أخبرُوني بالأمسِ عنكَ وعنها
They told me yesterday about you and her
فلماذا يا سيَّدي لم تقُل لي؟
Why didn't you tell me sir?

أنا أعطيتُك الذي ليس يُعطى...
I gave you the ungivable...
من حياتي، وأنت حاولت قتلي
Of my life while you are trying to kill me
يا رخيصَ الأشواق خمسُ سنينٍ...
For five years...
كنتُ أبني على دخانٍ ورملِ!
I was building on smoke and sand!

كانَ عطري لديكَ أجمل عطرٍ
My perfume used to be the your favorite perfume
كان شعري عليكَ شلاَّل ظلَّ
My hair used to be a waterfall of shadow
كان ثوبي البنفسجيَّ ربيعاً
My purple dress used to be spring
كم على زهره جلستَ تُصلََّي
For so long you sat on it's flowers to pray

وأنا اليوم لستُ عندكَ شيئاً
Today, I worth nothing to you
أينَ عينايَ، أين طيبي وكُحلي؟
Where are my eyes, kindness and kohl
لا تُلامس يدي بغير شُعورٍ...
Don't touch my hand with no emotions...
عندك الان من تحلُّ محلَّي
Now you have someone who is replacing me

سأصلّي لكي تكونَ سعيداً...
I will pray so you will be happy...
في هواها، فهل لأجلي تُصلَّي؟
 In her love, so will you pray for me?
أنت طفلُ صغيرُ، أنتَ حبيبي...
You are a little baby, you are my love...
كيف أقسو على حبيبي وطفلي؟
How could I be tough on my love and my baby?

هي في غُرفة انتظاركَ.. فاذهب
She is in your waiting room...Go to her
بينَ أخضانِها ستعرفُ فضلي
Between her arms you will realize how precious I am
يا صديقي شُكراً، أنا أتمنَّى...
My dear friend, I wish...
لو وجدتَ التي تُحبُّك مثلي
If you could find someone who would love you as much as I do

04 July 2019

You Either Feel or Think by Sherine

إسم الأغنية: يا بتفكر يا بتحس

غناء: شيرين
كلمات : علي المولى
ألحان : صلاح الكردي
توزيع : جيمي حداد
مهندس صوت: محمد مقهور

Song name: "Ya Bitfakkar Ya Bet'his" (You either feel or think)

Singer: Sherine
Lyrics: Ali AlMola
Composer: Salah AlKurdi
Mix by: Jemmi Haddad
Genre: Slow Lebanese/ Oriental pop music
كنز لَـ يلّي اقتنع
بس نحنا
مركبين عَ طمع

عم جرّب حِبّ ووقف
أنا عم جرّب مش عم أعرف
عم جرّب إلحق عقلي
والمنطق شو بيقلي
عم جرّب مش عم أعرف

يا بتفكرّ يا بتحس
لا ما فيك توقف بالنص
ولا فيك تاخد كلشي
نقِّي واحد مننّ بس

أيّ شخص عنده نقص
لو قد ما ببيّن كامل
إتأكد بدّه إشيا كتير
عندك ياها ومش سائل

الدنيا ما بتكمل مع حدا
شو نحنا ما منستاهل؟
بس أوقات بتظلمنا
عم يطلع ظلما عادل

Is a treasure for whoever is convinced
But we are...
Built to be greedy
I am trying to fall in love, then I stop...
I am trying but I can't figure it out
I am trying to follow my brain
And what's logic dictates on me
I am trying but I can't figure it all out

You either think or feel
You can't be in between
You can not have it all
You have to choose only one thing of everything

Every individual is incomplete
No matter how perfect s/he looked
For sure s/he wants a lot of things
Things that you have and you take it for granted

Nobody have it all in life
No matter how much we deserve it
But sometimes, it oppresses us
Yet it's still fair

19 November 2018

Sick for Attention

Music is very Elissa style, I like that she is singing more powering songs instead of "I love you all the way" only, the way she used to.

The lyric video is nicely made, I would've expected more from Rotana though.

إسم الأغنية: مريضة اهتمام
غناء: اليسا
كلمات : علي المولى
ألحان : رامي الشافعي
توزيع : كميل خوري

Song name: "Maridhit Ehtimam" (Sick for attention)
Singer: Elissa
Lyrics: Ali AlMawla
Composer: Rami AlShafei
Mix by: Kameel Khouri
Genre: Lebanese Classic

ممنوع تهملني...
لازم حسك عطول عم بتحبني...
ما بيرضيني الحب العادي...
عطول بدي حس زيادة...
قد ما اخد بدي أكتر...
و معي رح تتعب!

انا مريضة اهتمام ما بدي اشفى!
انا يلي احساسا نقطة ضعفا!
خلاصة الكلام...
مريضة اهتمام!

الناس بيملوا...
صدقني كرمال هيك كلن بيفلوا!
و اذا انت معود تزهق
و بس هالقد بتعرف تعشق
بفضل كفي عمري لوحدي...
و اخر همي!

You are not allowed to neglect me...
I should always feel...
That you are loving me!
I can not be satisfied with ordinary love...
I always want to feel so much more...
No matter how much I take I want more...
And you will get tired of me!

I am sick for attention!
I never want to be cured!
My feelings are...
My weakness!
In conclusion...
I am sick for attention!

People get bored...
Believe me that's the reason why...
They all leave!
And if you are used to getting bored...
And you can only love in this capacity...
Then I'd rather live my life alone...
And it would be the least of my worries!

18 November 2018

Joy is back...

It's strange how listening to a certain song would take you to places where you used to hear that specific song, the song is about feelings that any human can have.

I love the emotions of the poet Siham Chacha (a female poet) and Assala's way to deliver it despite the fact the lyrics are supposed to be uplifting it's emotional.

إسم الأغنية: رجع الفرح
غناء: اصالة
كلمات : سهام الشعشاع
ألحان : خالدي البكري
توزيع : خالد عز

Song name: "Rejea El Farah" (Joy is back)
Singer: Assala
Lyrics: Siham Chacha (Siham Al Sheshaa)
Composer: Khaled AlBakri
Mix by: Osama Al Hindi
Genre: Lebanese Tarab

رجع الفرح عا باب بيتى دق...
هلاْ خلص ما عاد قلو لأ...
صليت ياما كتير تالاقيك...
قلبى انتصر و الحب حن و رق...
ما عاد عندى للحزن مطرح... 
جايه ع بالى اضحك و افرح 
يا ريت فيي غافل الايام... 
و ع ظهر غيمة بالفضا اسبح!

عيونى خلص ما ظل فيها دموع...
كل شى مضى مالو بحياتى رجوع...
قديش عض القلب ع جروحه... 
تاما حدا يعرف اذا موجوع...

ياما سواد الليل غطانى... 
طبطب علي بعز احزانى 
هلا ما بدى غير نتفة ضو... 
امحي فيون ايا حزن تانى! 

The joy is back knocking on my house's door...
It's over now...
I will not say no to it... 
I prayed so much to find it...
My heart won and the love tendered and treated me gently! 

There is no place for sorrow anymore...
I want to laugh and be happy! 
I wish that i can run away of the days (destiny)... 
And on a back of a cloud, I swim into space! 

My eyes ran out of tears...
Everything that past have no place left for it in my life anymore! 
How many times did the heart bit on it's own wounds... 
So no one could tell that it's in pain!

For so long the night cover me with it's blackness... 
Petting on my shoulder trying to calm me down during my sadness... 
And now I only want a little spark of light... 
To erase the remains of any sadness left!

07 March 2018

أنغام - يوجعونك: عندما غنت أنغام للقلب

This song is about envious people who wishes you bad while you did nothing except good for them, the lyrics makes me sort of jealous of the way how the poet was able to express her feelings in such a beautiful way

إسم الأغنية: يوجعونك
غناء: انغام
كلمات : رازان
ألحان : ياسر بو علي
توزيع : خالد عز

Song name: "Yoje'onik" (They hurt you)
Singer: Angham
Lyrics: Razan
Composer: Yassir Abo Ali
Mix by: Khalid Ezz
Genre: Gulf Music

‏يوجعونك كثر ماتطري عليهم
‏قاصدين الجرح ويدينك عرايا
قد ماقدمت خيرك ترتجيهم
‏قد ماذلوك قدام البرايا

‏تدعي بسرك عسى الله يهديهم
‏تسكت وتصبر يدينون النوايا
‏قلت لك ياقلب ماجالك يجيهم
‏لا تألم تنطوي بين الزوايا

‏أدري ابصدمتك وادري تحتريهم
‏تختلق الأعذار وتخلي الوصايا
‏وانت اعلم مني إن فيهم وفيهم
‏ودهم يرمونك بحوض المنايا

‏‏عيش هالدنيا ولا تبقى بيديهم
‏طيش في غيك ولا تخشى الخبايا
‏إسمع إحساسي حذارِ تلتقيهم
‏عدهم ذنبك وياكثر الخطايا

‏ They hurt you as much as they thought about you...
They are trying to wound you despite the fact that you have "bare hands" (peaceful and never harmed anyone)...
As much as you did good to them...
As much as they humiliated you in front of everybody!

You secretly pray may they be guided again...
You remain calm and be patient waiting for them to condemn their intentions...
I told you my dear heart, what happened to you, one day will happen to them...
Don't be in pain and go hide in a corner!

I know that you are shocked and I know that you are waiting for them...
You keep making excuses for them while neglecting my advice...
And you know better than me that they have lots of issues...
They wish to throw you in a the "pool of death" (grave)!

Live this life freely and don't be "between their hands" (don't give them control over you)
Go as extreme as you can with life and don't be afraid of the unknown
Listen to my feelings and be aware of meeting them
Consider them a sin and "how many sins you have"? (it will not be your only sin)

19 December 2013

Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا

Song name: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)
Album: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)
Lyrics by: Malak Adil
Composed by: Mohammad Abdulmin'em
Arranged by: Rafiq Akif
Genre & Tempo: Pop / Fast
Music Video Location:Beirut, Lebanon
Produced by: Latisol 2013
Directed by: Walid Nassif

I can't believe what I am seeing and hearing!
Is it possible that our hearts are finally together?
Promise me that we will live together...
And you will be next to me and my eyes will enjoy you
From now on I will sleep and wake upon your laugh
And I will hug you close and taste your tenderness
I will not live on Earth anymore...
We will live like angels in your heaven!
You are the most beautiful thing in me!
You are everything to me!
When you are between my arms...
I own the whole world!
Your love made me...
A whole new person
I need nothing else...
While standing in front of you!
Touch me for your hands are tender!
Since the day I saw your eyes I felt like a whole new person!
You know what else I am dreaming of?
To live with you a million more years!
All the beautiful words are not enough to describe you
They will not be fair if they begun to describe and talk about you!
I don't need anything else from you...
But to pray with me that I live my days with you!

كلمات الأغنية:

مش قادرة أصدق اللي شايفاه و بسمعه!
معقول خلاص قلبك و قلبي تجمعوا!
احلف كده إني هـ أعيش معاك و تعيش معايا
و تبقى جمبي و عيني بيك يتمتعوا
أنا من النهارده هـ أنام و أقوم على ضحكتك
و أخذك في حضني و أذوق معاك حنيتك
أنا مش ح أعيش عالأرض تاني خلاص كفاية
هـ نعيش خلاص زي الملايكة في جنتك

أنت أحلى حاجة فيا
أنت كل حاجة ليا
لما تبقى في إيديا...بأملك الدنيا فيك
حبك انت خلاني...
أنا بقيت حد تاني...
مافيش حاجة ناقصاني...و أنا قدام عينيك

إلمسني أصل إيديك عليا حنينة
من يوم ما شفت عينيك و أنا ما بقتش أنا
عارف أنا بأحلم بإيه يا حبيبي تاني...
يا رب أعيش جمبك مليون سنة
كل الكلام الحلو ما يكفيش عينيك
دول يظلموك لو يوصفوك و يقولوا فيك
ما بقتش عايزة منك غير حاجة وحدة...
تدعي معايا ربي أعيش أيامي بيك

27 March 2008


I guess I loved the song because of the music in the first place, I love Waleed Sa'ad's music he is a great composer.
Yasmin is a new singer, this is her first album...She has a beautiful voice.
The song I am talking about isn't well known because there is not a music video of it, "Ban Alaya Hawah" is more popular since it's a dance song and there is a music video of it.

Song name: Bi Amanah (Honestly) بأمانة
Album: ٍShaklak Hatoohashni شكلك ح توحشني 2007
Song genre: Pop, Slow/Fast temp/Challenging
Singer: Yasmin - ياسمين
Lyrics by: Hani Abdulkareem - هاني عبدالكريم
Composed by: Waleed Sa'ad - وليد سعد
Arranged by: Adil Khamees - عادل خميس
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I dedicated my life to you but you never appreciated it...
I "lit my own fingers to you" the way you lit candles but that wasn't enough to you...
What else you want me to do, tell me honestly?
Honestly, being away of you will not affect me...Sometimes I might feel bad but mostly I will not
I will be waiting for you this night but if you didn't comeback...
I won't be miserable because you are the one who left in the first place
If you decided to leave I will leave too, I am going to lose either way

I forgot about many bad things you've done
Then I forgive you and forget about it then you "wound" (hurt) me again
This time I am going to leave you without any regret
Honestly, being away of you will not affect me...Sometimes I might feel bad but mostly I will not
I will be waiting for you this night but if you didn't comeback...
I won't be miserable because you are the one who left in the first place
If you decided to leave I will leave too, I am going to lose either way

إديتك من عمري كتير و ما حسيتش...
قدت صوابعي العشرة شموع ما رضيتش..
اعمل ايه علشانك تاني قول بأمانة...
بأمانة من غيرك أنا مش تعبانة...بزعل أوقات و كتير قوي مش زعلانة آه مش زعلانة
ح استناك ليلة و مش راجع...
ح اتعب على ايه ما انت البايع
تبعد ح ابعد مهي كدة كدة خسرانة

انا ياما كنت بعدي حاجات جارحاني
و ارجع اسامحك و انسى و ترجع تجرح ثاني
و المرة دي بجد ح اسيبك و مش ندمانة
بأمانة من غيرك أنا مش تعبانة...بزعل أوقات و كتير قوي مش زعلانة آه مش زعلانة
ح استناك ليلة و مش راجع...
ح اتعب على ايه ما انت البايع
تبعد ح ابعد مهي كدة كدة خسرانة

05 June 2007

Distinct groups of Arab Music Genres

Once upon the time, I had a comment on one of my blogs from an American teacher requesting some Arab songs (specificlly folklore songs) for his students. I already know stuff about it but I thought to google it, I found nothing except short (mostley meaningless) comments in some forums. That's why I decided to blog some of what I know about it.

Almost all of Arab illegal music sites catogorize Arabic music into 4 or 5 distinct groups according to the singer's origin.
That could be great If you already know the singers nationalities but that would be totally meaningless If you know nothing about Arab music genres or singers.

Contemprary Arabic music could be catogorized into distinict groups according to the song's dialect or song's genre.

These names are not official but I will use them in my posts labels/tags.

Each group below consists of sub genres, I will not mention them all because I am not a music expert. I just wrote the ones below to let you know some basic information of contemporary Music in the Arab world.

Note. I will keep updating this post every now and then.

1. Grouping according to dialects

"Khaleeji" literally means "Gulfic" and it refers to music from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman .
Examples of "Khaleeji" music genres: "Samri", "Bahri", "Ekhbaiti", "Emrobi'e", "Classic"...Etc
Sometimes people includes Iraq and Yemen to "Khaleeji".

"Shami" and it refers to music from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Example of "Shami" music genre: "Dabkah".
Sometimes people includes Iraq to "Shami".

"Iraqi" music, Personally I consider Iraqi music a separate group because they have their own unique dialect, rhythms and music instruments.

"Sharqi" and it refers to music from Egypt.Most of other Arab genres are heavily influenced with "Sharqi" music.
Example of "Sharqi" music genre: "Maqsoom".

"Magharibi" and it refers to music from Lybia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania. Example of "Magharibi" music genre: "Rai" or "Raï".

2. Grouping according to music genres

This kind of music started in the 1980s by many Arab singers such As Latifa, Samira Said, Amr Diab and Raghib Allamah.
It's a mix of Arab and world's instruments, rhythms and beats.

"Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed" (Don't go away) by Latifa (لطيفة)
"Wallahi Ma Tahaddi" (I swear I am not challenging) by Asalah (أصالة)
"Laily" (My night) by Dania (دانية)
"Shofto Be Aini" (I saw him with my own eyes) by Latifa (لطيفة) a mix of Disco and Oriental rhythms.

ARAB TARAB was popular in the 1980s and earlier, this kind of songs are rarely performed by singers these days.
Tarab songs needs singers with powerful voices to perform them, they usually arranged using Arab Instruments only.
The Tarab songs usually have a long length, more than 10 minutes...Singers uses TARAB to show off their voices, they keep repeating the exact phrases differently each times.
Currently Asalah is the only one who perform this kind of genres (she perform the others genres too).

Example of "Khaleeji Tarab" music:
"Yis'ed Sabahak" (Good morning) by Asalah (أصالة)

It's a great way to deliver the feelings in the lyrics no matter what kind of feelings...
Despair, Romance, Melancholy, Longing, Missing...Etc
This is not an exclusive Arab Genre, but it's sometimes they mix it with Arab Instruments and that adds the Arab touch.

Examples of slow music:

"Inta Meen?" (Who are you?) by Angham (انغام)
"Betohashni" (I miss you) by Sherine (شيرين)
"Kefak?" (How are you?) by Baha'a (بهاء)
"Akdib" (I am lying) by Diana Haddad (ديانا حداد)
"Law Bassait Qoddamak" (If you looked in front of you) by Elissa (اليسا)

Known in the Arab world and Turkey, using Arab/Turkish rhythms with Arab and non Arab Instruments.

Examples of Sharqi rhythms:
"Ehlifli" (He promised) by Diana Haddad (ديانا حداد) with fast tempo
"Fe Gheyabak Anni" (During your absence) by Latifa (لطيفة) with slow tempo

Khaleeji music is a music genre which consists of sub genres,the are used in six Arab states and they are (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman).

Samri, Ekhbaiti, Emroba'a, Bahri, Classic...Etc

Example of Samri music:

"Wainik Inta?" (Where are you?) by "Thekra or Zekra or Zikra" (ذكرى)

14 October 2006

Don't go away..

Latifa won the best middle eastern singer in the World Music Awards 2004 for that album. It's was a smash hit in the Arab world.
This song is a great example of Arab Pop Music, you can listen to Arab instruments such as Tabla along with Techno beats, she perform a short part with Arab rhythms in the song.

The song was performed in three different languages!

The first time in the year 2001 by the Greek singer "Despina Vandi", the song's name is "Ah Kardoula Mou".
In the year 2003 the song's music was recomposed and rearranged (legally) and released in Arabic language by "Latifa", the song's name is "Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed" (Don't go away).
"Havas" is the name of the Persian version, released in 2005...It's a remix of the Arabic version performed by the Persian singer "Shohreh Solati"; that one wasn't legal.

Despite it's legal or not, I think it's a great way that people around the world can share the exact passion of Music, I know it's took two years for each version to reach others and I really wish if there is a faster way so everybody can listen to the latest songs in all over the world in the exact released date.

Don't go away..

The photo above is my graphics work of Latifa performing the song in the World Music Awards 2004 also you might notice her photo with Celine Dion.
Latifa's speech was censored by the USA media when she said "My happiness remains incomplete until Iraq & Palestine are freed"!

Here is the song's video clip...VIVA YOUTUBE LOL

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song's name: Me Etrohsh Ba'ed (Don't go away)
Singer: Latifa (Check her official site or read about her at wikipedia)
Writer: Mohammed Refa'ei
Composer: Phoebus and Mohammed Refa'ei
Arranged by: Jean-Marie Reyachi
Translated by: Hanine Jaraiseh and Me

My Love, Don't go away

My love, I need you beside me
My love, come closer to me...Come closer

For many starry nights I’ve been living imagining you in my fantasies...
Before seeing you my precious I kept thinking of you every awaking moment

My love, while you are beside me all my life is full of love; your love is the most valuable to me.
With every night your words were on my mind, you are the life in my eyes and the world to my heart.

Dear starry nights he finally told me that I am the love of his life

The years of my life passed before knowing you and no one has replaced you ever
All I need is your heart to be with me even for one second
It's enough for me to have you as my forever love in my heart
Love… Always stay with me and don’t go away

حبيبي...ماتروحش بعيد يا حبيبي
أنا عايزاك جنبي حبيبي
قرب من قلبي حبيبي...قرب لي كمان
ليالي أنا عشت معاك في خيالي
قبل ما أشوفك يا غالي
ولا ثانية تغيب عن بالي
يا حياتي أنا
حبيبي و أنت جنبي
الحب كله بيملى قلبي
و حبك اغلى ما ليا
ليالي على بالي
كل كلمة قلتهالي
يا دنية قلبي و عنيا
يا ليالي حبيبي قالهالي
انت عمري و أعز غالي

سنيني قبلك مرت على عيني
و لا شئ عنك يغنيني
قلبك وحده يكفيني
لو ثانية لقا
كفاية أني أشوفك جوايا
مالي قلبي و هوايا
خليك على طول ويايا
يا حبيبي بقى


One of my very favorite songs of all times!
I think no matter how much I say that I love it, it's will never be enough to express the way I love it!
It's this kind of songs which you love everything about, Music, Lyrics, Arrangment and the singer performance.

The song released in the year 2002 (Arabic), I just found out that there is a Turkish version of it released in the year 2004...The Turkish song called "Hadi Git" and it was performed by "Seden Gürel".
It's happens a lot over her, sometimes Turkish use Arabic songs and sometimes Arabs takes Turkish music...Sometimes It's legally others not (It's was legal this time).

Song name: Benoub (Never)
Singer: Najwa Karam
Album: Tahamooni (2002)
Writer and composer: Marwan Khoury
Arranged by: Mohammed Mustafa
Translated by: Me

Never ever go away from me...
My eyes don't sleep because my beloved is coming tonight...
I wish we could find a medicine to cure my agony...
Time seems to pass at a slow pace with our date getting closer.

The evening wind as a signal of separation, It was blowing north while I sat by myself, Suddenly a warm breeze blew and reminded me of my beloved's smile!
O you sadness standing ready to stab my heart with your spears!

The night of mourning is over...
My beloved is coming back to live in (fill) my heart...
Life passes in an eye glance...
O darling, where are you? Come back to save my love!

19 September 2006

The song

"AL GHENYWA" is a great song by Latifa, released in the year 1997 as a part two of her 1986 hit song "Akthar Min Roohi" (More than my soul).
Both songs are a mix of Arab instruments and Spanish Tango.

Download the MP3 at 128 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Al Ghenwa (The song)

Album: Al Ghenwa (1997)
Song Genre: Tango
Singer: Latifa
Composer: Ammar Al Sherai'ei
Lyrics by: Abdulwahab Mohammed
Translated by: Hanine Jaraiseh

The song that we use to hear when we’re together is still on my mind constantly.
It's always moves and touches me every time I hear it.
I wonder if it’s the same for you when you hear it, does it still effect u the same way?
Does it make u cry about the way we ended up? Or you will not even care?
Did you forgot all about it; did you forget all about me too?
Did you completely forget me and our song?
The song that said “ I love you more than myself, honestly I love you even more”.

Years past and life drifted us apart; look who you’re with now, and who I’m with.
But I’m still thinking of our days together, and the same song still comes on my mind constantly.
I wonder if it’s the same for you when you hear it, does it still effect u the same way?
Does it make u cry about the way we ended up? Or you will not even care?
Did you forgot all about it; did you forget all about me too?
Did you completely forget me and our song?
The song that said “ I love you more than myself, honestly I love you even more”

Are you crying about the way we ended up?
“ I love you more than myself, honestly I love you even more”

Are you crying about the way we ended up?
“ I love you more than myself, honestly I love you even more”

Are you crying about the way we ended up?
“ I love you more than myself, honestly I love you even more”

Are you crying about the way we ended up?