28 January 2006

How are you?

Very romantic song by Baha'a (from star academy the first season), I loved the song since the first time I listened to it.
Her album released on January 2006 with a stunning photo on the CD cover.

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Kefak? (How are you?)
Album: Baha'a
Song genre: Slow/Arab pop
Singer: Baha'a

Lyrics by: Moneer Abo Assaf
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

How you are you my love and where are you?
I am still thinking of you; your phantom still living here with me at home, I've never loved someone else ; you are my precious love.
Tell me how are you?

If it's up to me I'll return you back to me just to see you in front of me even for a second.
Tell me how are you?

I swear… even during your absence my heart belonged to you and I love you even when you torture me, that's the way I like it.
Tell me how are you and where are you?

24 January 2006


Double model!
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My last exam was on Sunday 22 of Jauary 2006.
My total was 40/50 and I was really shocked after the final, I thought I will not pass and if I didn't I won't graduate.
When i finished the exam I looked exactly like this ----> :S It's felt just like someone slapped me on the face, a friend just called me half an hour ago and he told me that I had a C+!
I think it's the happiest day of my life!


Na na na anananaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Shalalahahlalaaaah balahahalaahahaaah

Ok I have to go now to strip on the gulf road because I said I will do it if I passed the exam LOL
Hopefully I don't catch cold LOL


This song released in the year 2004, at the time I was addicted on it; I just couldn't stop listening to it!
Very great and unique topic!
Don't you agree?

Song name: Afwan (Please)

Album: Awqaat (2004)

Song genre: Slow/Arab pop

Singer: Asalah

Lyrics by: I DON'T KNOW

Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)


He came to you admitting his fault and apologizing from the bottom of his heart

He is truly missing you; he came back because he really needs to be with you.


No please, go back and tell him I refused.

This time I am truly tired.

I will not return to him even if he dropped dead.

I swear I will not return to him.


Just try to stand him abit.

Why you want to broke up with him?

Just calm down Asalah and pray for God to show him the right way.


I used to be patient and I always used to say:

"I have to accept my bad luck in love and my destiny"And who says "Be patient to get what you want", I swear if he knew me; he would take his word back.

Even if I became weak and sick; I'll still act proud until I became strong and walk away of him.

So what if I became lonely? Since when anybody stood beside me to support me and wipe my tears?

23 January 2006

I have to survive :(

Song name: Lazim A'esh (I have to survive)

Album: Lazim A'esh (2005)

Song genre: Slow/Arab pop

Singer: Sherine

Lyrics by: Nasr Mahroos

Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I have to collect the broken pieces of my heart, hug my self and walk away.
I have to heal my wound; yes for sure I want to heal my wound.

I want your love to get away of me
I want to get rid of your wound
I have to teach my heart how to be strong, how to forget you and how to start pulsing again.
I used to live just for you and I said that I will spend my whole life time with you.

I used to love you a lot and whenever you go away; I used to wait for you until you comeback.
I used to feel everything differently with you

I used to see you as my whole world
I have to teach my heart how to be strong, how to forget you and how to start pulsing again.

15 January 2006

Farewell my PRINCE :~(

I wake up around 9 am to eat something and study a little for my final tomorrow (Monday)…I hate to study and I hate this subject but I have to study and pass so I can graduate.

I washed up and went downstairs (the living room) for breakfast, while I was eating I turned the T.V. on and started flipping the channels, until I saw a photo of the prince in full screen size with URGENT news on the news bar, the holly Qura'an almost on every TV channel.

I was really shocked and I didn't know if I still have to study for my next day's final or not.
May his soul rest in Peace : (

NOTE. Photo on the top is a shot (by me) of Kuwait TV channl on 15th of January 2006.

Photo on the bottom is a snapshot of Latifa's official site on the morning of 15th of January 2006.

Is that really you?!

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Hatha Ent?! (Is that really you?!)

Singer: Thekra (May she rest in peace)
Lyrics by: Turki Bin Abdulrahman
Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (romuers says that writer and composer are one person but since he is a prince he uses a nick name as a composer)
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Is that really you?!

I didn't recognize you!
It's the first time I see you through my eyes…I used to see you through my heart!

It's the first time my hands doesn't shake, while you are sitting beside me!

It's the first time I feel that I am not flying, while I am with you!

It's the first time I notice that you are way smaller than the great "sky dome" of my dreams!

It's the first time I notice that you are just a typical human being not an angel!

It's the first time I notice that I lost my whole lifetime with you!

Is that really you?
I can't believe it!

Is that really you?!
Is that really you?!

14 January 2006

Programming final

I just came back from my first final, almost every body in the class have the exact answers LOL
It's just like a chain, one copy from me and others copy from him :O

I hope the instr. doesn't fail me for that :\

09 January 2006

Farewell baby :(

Few days ago ;I found out that yahoo - Geocities - deleted my website because I had multiple accounts and for redirecting to another site.

My site was created on 9th of September 1999…
There were many articles in some newspapers and magazines about it, even some TV channels talked about it!
It's was kind of popular site, I had over 500 hits a day!
I spent 5 or 6 years developing it and updating it ; and now it's ALL GONE.
It's felt just like my own son, my sunshine.

Good bye baby!
Good bye son :(