24 January 2006


Double model!
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My last exam was on Sunday 22 of Jauary 2006.
My total was 40/50 and I was really shocked after the final, I thought I will not pass and if I didn't I won't graduate.
When i finished the exam I looked exactly like this ----> :S It's felt just like someone slapped me on the face, a friend just called me half an hour ago and he told me that I had a C+!
I think it's the happiest day of my life!


Na na na anananaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Shalalahahlalaaaah balahahalaahahaaah

Ok I have to go now to strip on the gulf road because I said I will do it if I passed the exam LOL
Hopefully I don't catch cold LOL


Saroona said...

Mabrook! I know how reliefed one feels after this :P. I dropped by cause I was looking for profiles based on musical prefferences, and I love both your sites (I have never listened to Asala's 'Assifa', I should give it a try). Very nice translations :) I also think that lyrics lose their charm when translated, but yours are truly to be appreciated. Keep up the good work!

radiantguy.com said...

ThaNks Sarah ;)
You should listen to it because it's very great song with Arab/Oriental rythm.