28 January 2009



ذات العجل...
أمشي بها على مهل...

تحية للجواهر الثلاث الحاجة متسوبيشي

19 January 2009

Movie Review

It's been a while since my last movie review, this is my first one in 2009.
That doesn't mean I quit watching movies, I can't quit doing it because movie is something fun to do.

Last movie I watched was Angelina's movie Changeling, it was really sad and knowing it's based a true story makes it even more depressing but it worth watching.

I like horror movies (talking about ghost movies not stupid monisters movies or serial killers), but there is an exception for that rule which is SAW.
I may announce that I proudly watched all the 5 parts of the movies.
Usually when they make part two of any movie they just ruin it, but not SAW. I loved all of them starting from SAW to SAW V which I watched recently.
I do recommend watching all of them if you have the guts.

The woman is a fun movie to watch, crowded with many female celebrites which I love...Actually this is the main reason why I watched it in the first place :D

Not into vampire movies anymore but friends insisted to watch Twilight, I was excited about the promo though. I have a whole new idea of vampires now, I won't mind marrying one now LOL

I loved Ryan Reynolds since I stated watching his TV show Two guys, a girl and a Pizza place I think he is fun. I recently watched two movies of him Definitely, Maybe and Just Friends and both of them are fun to watch.

The worst movie I watched in the past few days was Tropic Thunder, I thought it would be cool since it was full of great actors, but naaaah.

At the moment I am watching a TV show called The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency I love Janice although sometimes she looks like a pile of plastic LOL

11 January 2009

Today on Youtube

OK guys, while I was driving to work today...I heard about a soccer player (African Muslim playing for Spanish team) called Frédéric Omar kanoute who was playing on a game, then he raised his t-shirt that's when a shirt beneath appeared saying "Palestine" in different languages.

He had to pay 3000 USD for doing that...
As far as I know a year or so another football player (also African) kissed "Israeli" flag but they didn't make him pay cash for it...If this is not double standards I don't know what it is.

You can watch him here

I also watched a Palestinian father who lost 4 of his kids in an Isreali bomber by a school of the UNRWA.

You can watch him here

05 January 2009

Amazing artist

من فترة رحت أصور تمثالين لصالح مجلة ذوق للنحات الكبير سامي محمد، من قبل شفت أحد اعماله بس ما كنت أدري إنه له...
التمثال الأول للمغفور له الشيخ صباح السالم الصباح و إرتفاعه تقريباً 3 أمتار و التمثال الثاني للمغفور له الشيخ عبدالله السالم الصباح (اللي تشوفونه بالصورة فوق).

بعدين إكتشفت إن التمثالين صارت عليهم سالفة في مجلس "الشسمة" و إضطروا أصحاب المكان اللي موجودين فيه التماثيل على إنهم يرفعون السور عشان محد يقدر يشوفهم و السبب طبعاً عشان التماثيل حرام شرعاً.

بغض النظر عن هالموضوع التمثالين جد تحفة فنية من تفاصيل و ضخامة، لدرجة إني لما رحت أول مرة أشوفهم إنبهرت و قعدت أفكر إشلون النحات إشتغل على تمثال الشيخ سالم مع العلم إن إرتفاعه 3 أمتار أو يمكن أكثر و بعدين إشلون يابوه في هالمكان؟

عموماً...الصور صورتهم أنا كبروفة لأني كنت حاب أجرب الرسم بالضوء (لأول مرة) في هذي الجلسة تحديداً لأن في بالي أظهر التماثيل بشكل مشابه لتمثال أبو الهول في الليل، حسيت هالأسلوب راح يعطيهم هيبتهم.

جلسة التصوير الأصلية كانت المفروض تكون بحضور النحات سامي محمد بس ما صار الموضوع لأنه كان مسافر و كان العدد اليديد من المجلة راح ينزل، في الآخر إنلغت الجلسة و قرروا ينشرون الصورة اللي فوق من البروفة مع صور أرشيفية للنحات.

إستخدمت إضاءة بيضا في رسم التمثال عشان جذيه لونه مايل للأزرق و الجزء اللي على اليسار حده باط جبدي بس ما فكرت أشيله وقتها لأني كنت حاط في بالي إن جلسة التصوير بروفة بس :S

في الأخير أحب أشكر الأخوة في مجلة ذوق خصوصاً السادة بدر الحجيلان و أحمد الغانم على هالتجربة :)
تقدرون تقرون أكثر عن النحات سامي محمد فب مدونة ذوق.

I had the other day a photo session for Thouq magazine of two amazing statues of the great scluptor Sami Mohammad, which I've seen his work before but I had no idea who was the artist at the time.

The first statue is around 3 meter high of the late prince Sabah AlSalim AlSabah while the other one of late prince Abdullah AlSalim AlSabah.

I've seen the statues before the photo session just to have a general idea about their location and how to shoot them, I decided to use painting with light technique...I wanted them to look the sphinx in the middle of the night, I thought it will give them a prestige.

Few days later I went back for a test shoot since the original Sami Mohammad was going to be a part of the photo shoot but at the time he was traveling abroad and not going to comeback soon so the magazine decided to use the photo above with other archival photos.

I used white light for painting, that's why it looks blueish...I hate the left part of the photo, I could fix that but I didn't because at the time I thought this is just a test photo session :S

I would like to thank Bader AlHujailan and Ahmad AlGhanim for the experience :)
You can find more about Sami Mohammad in Thouq blog.