20 December 2005

I'm sorry

I loved that song the first day i heared it, but it's wasn't popular until the video clip released, since then it's on the radio all the time!

On the photo you can see her going up stairs when she found out that he is cheating on her.

Anyway because that song truley touched me, i translated it to English ;)

Song name: Asfah (I am sorry)
Singer: Asalah
Lyrics by: I DON'T KNOW
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I'm sorry…Find someone else; I will not tolerate it anymore.

You need someone to sacrifice everything to you no matter how much you hurt him.

I've tried to deal with you manytimes, I've been weak and my weakness only made you stronger.

Just tell me until when I'll keep sacrificing and until when I'll keep acting like an angel?

I loved loving you to the edge of love and you never appreciated it; finally I learned from you to stop being faithful for people such as you.

Just see how much I am exhausted of being with you all this time and how much I've been calm and patient with you.

And how much… And how much… And how many "how much" I could say during my life time?

18 December 2005

The Ring =:O

The Ring =:O
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I had this monitor for months... Almost everyday i use the pc and I always thought it's SAMSUNG, I just found out it's LG !

I found a great spot, get your swim suit LOL

Jump and I'll be right behind you LOL

Yummy…Delicious (That's the cat's opinion not mine LOL)

Don't you just love cats?
I could eat them alive, but they have to shave first LOL

Two feet watching TV!

Two feet watching TV!
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I think the title is funny LOL...

17 December 2005


May God help me!

I shot that photo and i really love it, It's kinda sad.

I wrote the following while i was really depressed.

I hate it when I am down, when I feel nothing could ever make me feel better.. .
At the moment I just feel that everything around me is falling down and I can do
nothing to stop it, it's so depressing :(
I think no one ever can be more optimistic than me, I just prefer to keep joking
and making people laugh, maybe just to cover up the seeds of sadness deep inside of me.
I don't like to start complaining about it because it's only will make
me feel worst and for sure will make the one who I'm complaining to hopeless
or maybe will commit a suicide!
I always keep a wide smile on my mouth, but sometimes I feel that I am lifting mountains of
depression on my chest.
Wondering why?
My keyboard will be broken if I answered that question!

16 December 2005

Finally my own blog..

I've been thinking forever to create a blog, but i've been really crowded latley.
Finally i did it and i'll try to keep updating it.

At the moment i am working on the website, on my flickr account and trying to study for my midterms =:O

I am really tired at the moment because i've been online for 9 hours and i kinda can not feel my butt LOL

I'll just go to bed now and try to have sweet dreams :)~