17 December 2005


May God help me!

I shot that photo and i really love it, It's kinda sad.

I wrote the following while i was really depressed.

I hate it when I am down, when I feel nothing could ever make me feel better.. .
At the moment I just feel that everything around me is falling down and I can do
nothing to stop it, it's so depressing :(
I think no one ever can be more optimistic than me, I just prefer to keep joking
and making people laugh, maybe just to cover up the seeds of sadness deep inside of me.
I don't like to start complaining about it because it's only will make
me feel worst and for sure will make the one who I'm complaining to hopeless
or maybe will commit a suicide!
I always keep a wide smile on my mouth, but sometimes I feel that I am lifting mountains of
depression on my chest.
Wondering why?
My keyboard will be broken if I answered that question!


Anonymous said...

hi radiant guy..you realy moved me with ur words.. but why is all this sadness.. i want to tell u that no one or nothing deserve you feel like that BUT ur self... if you are not being with the HOLY GOD..because this is what realy mattar from our life here on earth and this is the realy truth we lives in
from the bottom of my heart
MAY GOD BE WITH U.....and make sure that GOD is always here

radiantguy.com said...

Thanks anonymous, well sometimes we feel that we hit the bottom of depression and we can't stop it; but we all retirn to God in such things.
Thanks one more time for ur uplefting comment ;)