26 August 2009

I decided to fly, again!

To patients around the world ! للمرضى حول العالم

The poem below was written in Arabic in the early 1900s by Abo Al Qassim Al Shabbi when he got sick which later caused his death at early age, I decided to translate it to English to allow more people to understand it, at my worst times in the hospital it gave me some strength.
I would like to dedicate it to every sick person in the world, and to every doctor in the universe I would like to say...Thank you!

I will survive against the will of my disease and people who envy me...
Like an eagle on a tip of a mountain!
Reaching for the shiny Sun...Making fun of the clouds, the rain and weeps...
Not looking at the miserable shadow below me...
Avoiding what's down under the black hole!
I will keep walking in the happy universe of poets singing like a bird, and that is the genuine happiness of the poets.
Listening to the melody of life and it's inspirations while melting the soul of the universe in my compositions!
Listening to the voice of God, the one which makes the dead echos inside of me wakes!

سأعـيـش رغـــم الـــداء والأعـــداء كالـنـسـر فـــوق الـقـمّـة الـشـمـاءِ
أرنو إلى الشمس المضيئة ... هازئاً بالـسـحـب ، والأمـطــار ، والأنــــواءِ
لا أرمــق الـظـلّ الكئـيـب... ولا أرى مــا فــي قـــرار الـهــوّةِ الـســوداء
وأسير فـي دنيـا المشاعـر حالمـاً غـرداً -- وتلـك سـعـادة الشـعـراء--
أٌصغي لموسيقى الحيـاة ، و وحيهـا وأذيــب روح الـكـون فــي إنشـائـي
وأصـيـخ للـصـوت الإلهــي الـــذي يـحـيـي بقـلـبـي مـيــت الأصــــداءِ

I will tell destiny which will not flinch the war of my hopes during my agony...
The fiery flames in my blood can't be extinguish by the waves of despair, and the storms of calamities...
Keep bulldozing my heart as long as you can, it will be as hard as a rock!
I will not cry like a baby and weak people; or complain in humiliating way...
I will live like an ogre, always looking toward the dawn...The far beautiful dawn...
Fill my road with fears, night, twisters of thorns, gravels...
and spread terror, death and thunders of misery!

وأقـــول لـلـقـدر الـــذي لا يـنـثـنـي عـــن حـــرب آمـالــي بـكــلّ بـــلاءِ
لا يطفئ اللهب المؤجج في دمي مــوج الأســى ، وعـواصــف الأرزاء
فاهدم فؤادي ما استطعـت ،فإنـه سيـكـون مـثـل الصـخـرة الـصـمـاءِ
والبـكـا وضــراعــة الأطــفــال والـضـعـفــاء لا يعـرف الشـكـوى الذليـلـة
ويـعـيـش جـبــاراً ، يـحــدق دائـمـا ًبالفجـر ...، بالفجـر الجميـل النـائـي
واملأ طريقي بالمخاوف ، والدجى وزوابــــع الأشــــواك ، والـحـصـبـاء
وانشـر عليـه الرعـب ، وانثـر فوقـه رجـم الــردى ، وصـواعـق البـأسـاء

I will keep walking despite that, playing my guitar while singing...
Walking as a dreaming soul, radiant in the darkness of pain and diseases...
The light in my heart and between my ribs, why would I be afraid of walking in the darkness?
I am the ney with the endless rhythms, as long as it's life...
I am the wide sea which only gets a life by the brutal wind and waves!

سأظـل أمشـي رغـم ذلـك ، عازفـا ًقـيـثـارتــي ، مـتـرنـمــاً بـغـنــائــي
أمـشـي بـــروح حـالــم ، مـتـوهـج ٍفـــــــي ظــلـــمـــة الآلام والأدواء
النـور فـي قلـبـي وبـيـن جوانـحـي فعلام أخشى السير في الظلمـاء؟
إنــي أنــا الـنـاي الــذي لا تنـتـهـي أنـغـامـه ، مـــا دام فـــي الأحـيــاء
وأنـا الخضـم الرحـب ، ليـس تـزيـده إلا حـــيـــاةً ســـطـــوة الأنـــــــواء

But if my life was extinguished, passed and death concealed my ney...
And the flames of the universe which was like a red torch in my heart was disappeared...
I am happy because I will be transformed from the world of sins and hatred...
To melt in the eternal beauty of dawn and drink from a fountain of lights!

أمـاّ إذا خمـدت حيـاتـي ، وانقـضـى عمـري ، وأخـرسـت المنـيـة نـائـي
وخبا لهيب الكون فـي قلبـي الـذي قـد عـاش مـثـل الشعـلـة الحـمـراء
فـأنــا السـعـيـد بـأنـنــي مـتـحٌــولّ عــــن عــالــم الآثــــام والـبـغـضـاء
لأذوب في فجر الجمـال السرمـدي وأرتـــوي مـــن مـنـهــل الأضــــواء

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02 August 2009


Originally uploaded by radiant guy
Photo was taken today during the Sunset while I was lieing on the bed.

I am not having Cortisone anymore; I can sleep now for more than half an hour, as a result my mood is getting better...Still having a headache and tingling sensation in my left side though.

بس الحمدلله على كل شي :)

P.S. That word pronounced "Amal" which is Arabic for hope.