14 March 2011

BlackBerry OS 6

So my old blackberry went crazy finally, so i decided to get a new one...Although i am not a big fan of blackberries but i love their messenger.

I decided to get 9780, which comes with a new OS and faster hardware.
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13 March 2011

TV shows

Currnetly i am watching two TV shows, "The Event" and "No Ordinary Family"....The second one is a must see; I did watch only one episode of the event...It looks nice but still I have to watch more episodes though.

Here is the trailer of "No Ordinary family"

08 March 2011

i am number four

Loved that movie and i love that acctress in the poster since the first day i saw her in the tv show Glee
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01 March 2011

Kuwait Towers | 25th of Feb 2011!

I've never seen anything like that in the whole world, it's around an hour of "amazing"!
I wasn't there at the moment and I regret it but I watched the whole thing on TV and you should too watch it below if you missed it.
I cried when I saw the part about the Iraqi invasion (begins at 19:00)