21 November 2007

Friendship braceleT

I've made many friends online, some of them been my friends for 7 years - and counting - we never met though but that doesn't mean that we are not close friends.

Photo above shows me wearing a friendship bracelet, it was made specifically for me, I picked up the colors my self using the dropper tool of Corel Paint Shop Pro (it blends perfectly with my blanket and my praying carpet).

The girl who made that for me have a hobby of making bracelets and she is good in it...Thanks "S", I love it :)

03 November 2007


Today, I went to Redbull flugtag to experience sport photography for the first time, I thought it was easy but it wasn't, specially since my maximum zoom is 200 mm. And the was frustrating, but since I am not a quitter, I decided to get back home with some photos anyway, so I've taken some random shots of the audience...Most of them were flickr members, I recognized some of them through their photos such as Nawwaf, Abdulrahman, Najwa, Khaleel and Ammar :D