29 October 2007

Autumn leafs

I know, it's been months since the last time I wrote a thing about my latest favorite songs which I keep listening to them all the time.
Many albums released for well known singers and for some new ones, I loved many of them but I've been really crowded lately working on my personal site but now I am kinda free so I can do it again.

It's hard to talk about this song, I love the lyrics more than the arrangement it self but the over all song is superb, at least for me.
Hasna (the singer) usually perform fast tempo songs with fun lyrics but she kinda changed her style in her last album which was released recently.
Until now I loved 3 songs of 7 and that's a good thing :)
I have no idea what people will think about this song but I love it anyway :Pp~

Song name: Waraq Al Khareef (Autumn leafs) ورق الخريف
Album: Qalbi Eb Khatar قلبي بخطر 2007
Song genre: Lebanese, Oriental, Sharqi, Pop Music
Singer: Hasna - حسنا
Lyrics by: N/A
Composed by: N/A
Arranged by: N/A
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

There is a thing which is decreasing constantly...A thing which never reached perfection...
There is a thing which is going to end...A hopeless case...
The autumn leafs are falling...
Tell me, how come this love was murdered?

You are still remaining silent, you rarely talk...
Where did your longing to me gone?
My dream was burned just like a piece of paper, and the night light was extinguished!

You've stolen the sleepiness of my eyes...Don't you realize it?
Where is the lover I used to know?
Where did all the faithfulness gone?
Where did all the love you used to have for me go?

في شئ عم ينقص بعده ما إكتمل
في شئ راح يخلص ما منه أمل
بلش ورق الخريف...ينزل على الرصيف
قولي ليش و كيف هالحب إنقتل؟

ساكتك بعدك ساكت...ما بتحكي قليل
وين اللهفة غابت و الحلم الطويل؟
!مثل الورق حلمي إحترق و انطفئ القنديل

نوم عيوني سارق...ما بتشعر أكيد
وينه هاك العاشق
وين إختفى كل الوفا و الحب الوحيد؟

28 October 2007

Finally RADIANTGUY.COM launched!

It's true :D
It took me 8 months after the day I registered my domain name RADIANGUY.COM and 3 months of web and graphics design to get it out.

OK...I published it on 27th of October 2007 and it was available for few seconds until I found out about some bugs and I had to fix them all.

- The first bug was the server didn't support Arabic script and it doesn't show the copyright symbol in the English section so I had to add a script forcing the browser to show them correctly (I didn't test it with Internet explorer yet).

- Some photos didn't appear in the portfolio section and I totally freaked out because I had no idea what was wrong exactly!, I knew nothing was wrong with the files names but still didn't get it!...Eventually I realised that the extensions were written in upper case so I had to change 90% of them and re upload them.

- Then I had a problem with the favicon but that was fixed too :D

- Last thing was a problem with the domain name it self, so I had to contact the support team to tell me what to do...I'll make sure to let them regret the day I became their customer LOL

I know no body noticed it at the time, but now the website is finally OUT for public.


I would like to know how do you all think about it, do you like it or not (consider that I am not a web designer)?

I don't like some parts of it such as contact and links section, I guess I wasn't in the mood that day so I might redesign them later.

Currently I am doing the final touches before uploading the index page and allow people to get into my world, I will make a video file of the launching for my personal archive.

I did create a website years in 1999 and it was hosted on free hosting servers, but I never published a site on a paid server...I thought it's hard to do it...But it wasn't at all, If I can do it everybody can.

22 October 2007


I can't wait until I get back home to install it on my PC, the new grey user inteface looks amazing :D

19 October 2007


Radiant will shine and everybody will see the unlit part...
Come back soon!
سيلمع شعاع النور و سترون الجزء المظلم...
عودوا للزيارة قريباً!

One more thing, I just had a hair cut...I wanted to get a hair cut for the Eid but it was crowded so I didn't do it until today.
I always wanted to do a photo with water droops and I guess I succeeded :D

ليش الحلاليق كله زحمه بالعيد؟
جنه بس بالعيد الناس لازم يقصون شعرهم غير جذي مو لازم...
المهم انا من زمان كان ودي بصور اللي يكون فيهم نقط ماي, هالشي ما بقدر اسوي بكاميرا عاديه, بس بعد ما شريت نيكون سويتها و نص :D

18 October 2007

Funny story

She left and took my heart with her....Keep reading....
Few hours ago, our house keeper packed her bag to go back home...So my mother was with her all the time when she found out that she stolen some stuff from us including my favorite Guess pants which I was missing for so long LOL
It's true I didn't take it back because I kinda felt sorry for her, plus If i took back I won't be able to post anything about that story on my blog...Well I could do it anyway but at least now she deserve it :Pp~
I doubt that she will fit in my pants even in her wildest dreams because I am waay thinner than her, she probably saw me wearing it and thought that she would lose some weight for it :+

P.S. Dear Mr. Bush, the thing on the right suppose to be an air plane not a nuclear weapon so please I beg you don't invade me too :+

خدامتنا اليوم راحت و خذت قلبي وياها...
سمعوا القصه :+
اليوم خدامتنا بتسافر ديرتها و قاعده تحط اغراضها بالجنطه و امي مجابلتها كالعادة لما يسافرون الخدم :+
المهم لقيتها ماخذه غراض ملوتنا بدون ما تقول, منهم بنطرون مالي رمادي من غس ضايع من زمان مادري وينه :+
المهم خليتها تاخذه اكسرت خاطري شوي و عشان لو خذته منها ما بقدر اكتب القصه اهنيه بمدونتي...ادري اقدر اخذه و اكتب بس كنت راح احس بالذنب لووووول

اهي ما بتقدر تلبسه ولا بأغرب أحلامها لأن انا اضعف منها لوووول
بس الظاهر شافتني لابسه عجبها و قالت لازم و اضعفله :+

13 October 2007

في العجله الندامه!

انا ما بتكلم عن حوادث السيارات...
بس بتكلم عن شي بالغرافيكس...
صورت هالصوره من اكثر من شهر و ما كنت برفعها...بس امس رحت سويت جلسة تصوير خارجي و صورت الصورة اللي شايفينها في الخلفية, بعدين قررت اني استخدم الصورة اللي صورتها من اكثر من شهر فيها و النتيجة شايفينها.

للعلم بس الخلفية صورتها مرتين, مافي فرق بينهم بس في الصورة هذي تمر سيارة ورا النخلة اللي شايفينها و جدامها بس الصورة الثانية تمر من ورارها بس :+

يمكن في أشياء نصورها و ما نتهتم فيها بوقتها او لسبب معين ما نحبها بس بعدين نحتاج نستعملها في شي.

للعلم فقط...اعتبر الصورة الخلفية أول صورة تتعلق بالسيارات قمت بإلتقاطها.

I've taken that photo on 7th of Sep. 2007 but I decided not to upload it ...
On my last night photo session, I've taken two versions of the background...It looks amazing, isn't it?
Anyway...I edited the old photo and used it on the foreground.
I consider the background photo as my first car-related shot :>

02 October 2007

Cool Mario

I was browsing for torrents and I found this video :D
Check it out, you will love it :>

كنت أبحث عن ملف تورنت و وجدت ملف الفيديو التالي

Upside down...

My way to visually express my current mental stat.

Al lot of stuff to do, some of them are serious and others are not such as removing some people from my contacts list, quiting some flickr groups which I had no idea when did I join...Cleaning my room again (that would take a month), working on a secret project...Plus other stuff I can't think of now.
I have to go to bed now because I have to .work tomorrow
Good night to me... kiss kiss.