28 October 2007

Finally RADIANTGUY.COM launched!

It's true :D
It took me 8 months after the day I registered my domain name RADIANGUY.COM and 3 months of web and graphics design to get it out.

OK...I published it on 27th of October 2007 and it was available for few seconds until I found out about some bugs and I had to fix them all.

- The first bug was the server didn't support Arabic script and it doesn't show the copyright symbol in the English section so I had to add a script forcing the browser to show them correctly (I didn't test it with Internet explorer yet).

- Some photos didn't appear in the portfolio section and I totally freaked out because I had no idea what was wrong exactly!, I knew nothing was wrong with the files names but still didn't get it!...Eventually I realised that the extensions were written in upper case so I had to change 90% of them and re upload them.

- Then I had a problem with the favicon but that was fixed too :D

- Last thing was a problem with the domain name it self, so I had to contact the support team to tell me what to do...I'll make sure to let them regret the day I became their customer LOL

I know no body noticed it at the time, but now the website is finally OUT for public.


I would like to know how do you all think about it, do you like it or not (consider that I am not a web designer)?

I don't like some parts of it such as contact and links section, I guess I wasn't in the mood that day so I might redesign them later.

Currently I am doing the final touches before uploading the index page and allow people to get into my world, I will make a video file of the launching for my personal archive.

I did create a website years in 1999 and it was hosted on free hosting servers, but I never published a site on a paid server...I thought it's hard to do it...But it wasn't at all, If I can do it everybody can.


Anonymous said...

w akheeraaan bs tra el noom sawa sho'3ol 7elow.. ya36eeek el 3afia
now i hope u can my dream become true ... wedy ashoof ur bed room pic after u lounched ur site .. i know know some 1 can help in clean up :r

radiantguy.com said...

Mabi LOL