18 October 2007

Funny story

She left and took my heart with her....Keep reading....
Few hours ago, our house keeper packed her bag to go back home...So my mother was with her all the time when she found out that she stolen some stuff from us including my favorite Guess pants which I was missing for so long LOL
It's true I didn't take it back because I kinda felt sorry for her, plus If i took back I won't be able to post anything about that story on my blog...Well I could do it anyway but at least now she deserve it :Pp~
I doubt that she will fit in my pants even in her wildest dreams because I am waay thinner than her, she probably saw me wearing it and thought that she would lose some weight for it :+

P.S. Dear Mr. Bush, the thing on the right suppose to be an air plane not a nuclear weapon so please I beg you don't invade me too :+

خدامتنا اليوم راحت و خذت قلبي وياها...
سمعوا القصه :+
اليوم خدامتنا بتسافر ديرتها و قاعده تحط اغراضها بالجنطه و امي مجابلتها كالعادة لما يسافرون الخدم :+
المهم لقيتها ماخذه غراض ملوتنا بدون ما تقول, منهم بنطرون مالي رمادي من غس ضايع من زمان مادري وينه :+
المهم خليتها تاخذه اكسرت خاطري شوي و عشان لو خذته منها ما بقدر اكتب القصه اهنيه بمدونتي...ادري اقدر اخذه و اكتب بس كنت راح احس بالذنب لووووول

اهي ما بتقدر تلبسه ولا بأغرب أحلامها لأن انا اضعف منها لوووول
بس الظاهر شافتني لابسه عجبها و قالت لازم و اضعفله :+

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