29 October 2007

Autumn leafs

I know, it's been months since the last time I wrote a thing about my latest favorite songs which I keep listening to them all the time.
Many albums released for well known singers and for some new ones, I loved many of them but I've been really crowded lately working on my personal site but now I am kinda free so I can do it again.

It's hard to talk about this song, I love the lyrics more than the arrangement it self but the over all song is superb, at least for me.
Hasna (the singer) usually perform fast tempo songs with fun lyrics but she kinda changed her style in her last album which was released recently.
Until now I loved 3 songs of 7 and that's a good thing :)
I have no idea what people will think about this song but I love it anyway :Pp~

Song name: Waraq Al Khareef (Autumn leafs) ورق الخريف
Album: Qalbi Eb Khatar قلبي بخطر 2007
Song genre: Lebanese, Oriental, Sharqi, Pop Music
Singer: Hasna - حسنا
Lyrics by: N/A
Composed by: N/A
Arranged by: N/A
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

There is a thing which is decreasing constantly...A thing which never reached perfection...
There is a thing which is going to end...A hopeless case...
The autumn leafs are falling...
Tell me, how come this love was murdered?

You are still remaining silent, you rarely talk...
Where did your longing to me gone?
My dream was burned just like a piece of paper, and the night light was extinguished!

You've stolen the sleepiness of my eyes...Don't you realize it?
Where is the lover I used to know?
Where did all the faithfulness gone?
Where did all the love you used to have for me go?

في شئ عم ينقص بعده ما إكتمل
في شئ راح يخلص ما منه أمل
بلش ورق الخريف...ينزل على الرصيف
قولي ليش و كيف هالحب إنقتل؟

ساكتك بعدك ساكت...ما بتحكي قليل
وين اللهفة غابت و الحلم الطويل؟
!مثل الورق حلمي إحترق و انطفئ القنديل

نوم عيوني سارق...ما بتشعر أكيد
وينه هاك العاشق
وين إختفى كل الوفا و الحب الوحيد؟


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Radiant Guy! It's hard to find arabic music blogs in English. You have done a great job with your translations and your information about the different styles too. Najwa Karam has long been a special favourite of mine. Also Diana Haddad, Walid Tawfiq, Nabil Shuail, Angham and Hussein El Jasmi. I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Welcome anytime ;)

Anonymous said...

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