30 March 2007

When you dim your light to make someone else shine...

The world become darker!

I heard that on a movie called "Playing Mona Lisa", I think it's very wise and true... See! TV could be useful

27 March 2007

radiant guy screaming like a 4 years old girl LOL

This video was taken in Dubai, I was screaming really loud...While I was up there I noticed people were gathering around us. Some people was using their cameraphones to shot us....
When we are done, I found out that there is a camera and a microphone plugged and people were watching our faces on large plasma screens LOL

25 March 2007

Don't test my tolerance!

Nora didn't release a new album for so long...I watched the music video of the song, very dramatic...The guy was treating her badly, he locked her in the house and leave...She couldn't get out of the house so she burn the house while she is in!
Currently I am addicted to two songs in the album, the other one called "Athib Qalbi" (Translation: Torture my heart).

Here is the music video with English subtitles uploaded on Google video by me:

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (Hosted by 4shared)
Song name: La Thikhtibir Sabri (Arabic script: لا تختبر صبري) - Don't test my tolerance!
Singer: Nora Rahal - نورا رحال
Song genre: Arap pop music
Album: Donyiti..Ahla (2007) دنيتي..أحلى

Lyrics by: Ahmad Darweesh
Translated by: Bashar Al-Ba'noon (aka radiant guy) radiantguy.com
Composed by: Haitham Ziad
Arranged by: Khalid Sabeel
Directed by: Waleed Naseef

Don't test my tolerance...Because everything have a limit including tolerance
I can control my heart...Listen to me carefully:
I can tolerate your betrayal...
I can tolerate your absence...
But I can't tolerate being wounded by you!
La Laaa La La Laaaaa
La Laaa La La Laaaaa

My heart is a book of words, people such as you have a hard time to read it...
Not everyone with a typical vision can really see, you should feel it...
My nights are sleepless...
My eyelashes are wet with tears...
How many times shall I keep repeating that?
I am bored of it!
La Laaa La La Laaaaa
La Laaa La La Laaaaa

Arabic script:

لا تختبر صبري...حتى الصبر له حد
قلبي رهن امري...اسمع كلامي جد
أقوى على غدرك...
أقوى على هجرك...
إلا على جرحي كل الصبر ينهد!
لا لااااا لا لا لاااااااا
لا لااااا لا لا لاااااااا

قلبي كتب و حروف...اللي مثلك صعب يقراه
ما كل بصير يشوف ...حس انت بس معناه
ليلي سهر ع طول...
طرف الرمش مبلول...
شعد بعد و اقول؟
مليت انا من العد!
لا لااااا لا لا لاااااااا
لا لااااا لا لا لاااااااا

21 March 2007

29 years left for my retirement!

21st of March 2006 was my day# ONE as an employee, one year passed many stuff happened within (mostly sad things).

29 years, that will be 348 months, a little bit more than 127020 long/endless days :(

P.S. Happy Mother's day

19 March 2007

A sucky movie

I don't like to go to the cinema however sometimes I go, yesterday I watched a movie called Primeval.....If you didn't watch it yet...DON'T LOL

15 March 2007

Yeppieeeeee [Watch the Video] | Dubai day# 2

Photos and video were taken in Dubai Ski....It was FUNNNNN but so cold :S

06 March 2007

Movie review# 3

Yesterday I watched the movie "Half light" by Demi Moore, it's a horror movie...Ghosty horror movie...My type of horror movies :D
You shouldn't miss that one :+

03 March 2007

Movie review# 2

The last movies I watched are...

The Holiday by Cameron Diaz, great romantic movie.

The second movie I watched was The Gurdian by Kevin Cosnter and Ashton Kutcher...
The movie has a depressing end but it really worth to watch.