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31 December 2016

My 2016 series

Here is a list in a random order of what TV shows I watched in 2016 - or the ones I still remember - and I would recommend watching these show, some of them are still running.


Orphan Black

How to get away with murder

Breaking Bad



Cosmos: A space time Odyssey

The OA

Fuller House

Stranger Things

Designated Survivor

كلمة سر

House MD

The Walking Dead

12 December 2010

Movie List

Ok, recently I've been blogging about movies only...I hate doing that but it's much easier to talk about silly movies than talking about other stuff, takes less time and effort.

Anyway here is the last movies I watched:

The Tourist
I expected that movie to be much better but to me, it was just another movie.

Watch the trailer
P.S. Angelina looks amazing *blushes*

The Next Three Days
Didn't expect that movie to be that good, I like it

Watch the trailer

Currently I am watching a TV show called The Walking Dead, I am not a big fan of Zombies but this is an exception.

21 November 2010

Ok until now I had no clue that facebook's idea was stolen...
If you don't like Drama movies or you are expecting any kind of action, then this movie isn't for you...I went to that movie with my brothers...One of them fall a sleep while the other was moving all the time on the chair...The third one thought the movie is OK and that's how I feel about it too

10 November 2010

You Again

What a fun movie to watch, loved the movie's ending :D

Here is the trailer

And here are the bloobers :D

More information can be found on IMDB

20 May 2010


Yeeeehaaaaaa....I have no idea why am I excited recently but the important thing...I AM :D
I am back to the photography mood, and been editing photos again however I am not sure I can publish any of them because I have to ask for permission first :D

Did you guys watch the movie Date night?
It's super hilarious :D

Do you like the new blog design? (That was me assuming you've been here before!)

Now execuse me, I am going to dance!

11 April 2010

Movies list

Valentine's day is a fun movie crowded with superstars such as Julia Roberts, Queen Latifa, Patrick Dempsey and many others...Julia appeared for 3 minutes or so, it was very short appearance.
Fun to watch
I honestly didn't expect The Hurt Locker to be that good, specially since Americans tend to make their selves to look like heros in every single war movie even if in reality they were losing it...I watched the movie because I was curious why it won the Oscar of the best movie instead of Avatar...Now I know why!
Triangle is a commercial horror movie but I like the story, very original.
I love that show, I recently watched every single episode of the 4 seasons...I love Marrieanne and Zoey mostly

12 January 2010


So this is my first post in 2010, wasn't in the mood for blogging recently...

Whiteout, never seen a movie which was shoot in the south pole before or ment to be that way...Not bad at all.

The Box, I expected it to be way better since it was by Cameron Diaz...It has a weird concept some people hated it while other thought it's OK.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, I thought it was going to be worst than what I thought but it surprised me...Nice graphics work too.

The Time Traveler's Wife, almost original movie...I watched it yesterday and it kinda reminds me of  The Lake House but this movie is waaaaaay better (at least to me)...I was sad most of the time during the movie.

20 December 2009


Avatar is the last movie I watched, I honestly didn't expect it to be that good...It's the first time I watch a sci-fi movie where humans are smarter than aliens :D

Second movie I watched is Paranormal Activity, everybody was talking about how scary is that movie, it was all over twitter recently and I was curious about it...I watched it the way I usually watch a movie, turn off the lights have seeds with soda while I am in bed...
It wasn't scary at all...At least in the first few 20 minutes, but later I turned on the lights LOL
For the next few days I thought it was for real but when I decided to google it I knew that it was another scary story.
I love ghosts movies :D

17 November 2009


Last movies I watched 2012 and Case 39, I think the graphics work in 2012 is amazing but the story it self not really new; kinda similar to the day after tomorrow.

Case 39 is a horror movie, I almost fall a sleep in the first 20 min. but the trailer seemed great so I decided to watch the movie which was great...It could be a mix of Orphan and The Exorcism of Emily Rose (that's what I think so)

08 October 2009

The Proposal

Last movie I watched, no wonder since I am a fan of Sandra & Ryan.

More information can be found here.

16 July 2009

Land of the lost

This is the last movie I watched in cinema, I didn't watch a movie that fun for a longtime, If you didn't watch it yet and want to laugh your eyes out...Move it to the closest DVD store :D

09 July 2009

17 again

Well, I've seen the concept of that movie 3 million times but I don't mind watching it one more time...The movie is fun to watch.

29 June 2009


Last movie I watched was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen...
The effects was great but just like the first part, they were showing us "Arabs" in a way which doesn't refelct the reality...For example in part one they show people in Qatar as a dozen of people who are living in houses made of mud which is not true.

In the second part, they did show Egyptians in the exact way they did show Qatar plus they did drore their cars from Aqaba, Jordan to the Pyriamids of Giza, Egypt in a short time while it takes at least 5 hours in real life...The writer didn't really bother to open a book or google a map.

14 May 2009


I didn't watch part 1 or 2 or 3, but I watched 4 recently :D
I loved it and I have no clue why didn't I watch the previous parts.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is part 4 of the movie, I am going to download the previous parts because I think I am in love.

08 April 2009

More Movie Reviews

It's been awhile since the last time I watched a movie which moved all my senses :D
I am talking about Slumdog Millionaire, I am not a big fan of Bollywood...
But I was curious about that movie because they won plenty of awards including Oscars :S
In some parts it made me sad but it's definitally worth watching.

Second movie I watched recently was Duplicity by the great Julia Roberts :)~
After having her twins, she is back with that movie...Not as good as Erin Prockovich but it's fun :D

Finally Paul Blart: Mall Cop which I loved his scooter and I don't mind if anyone would like to get me one, it will make my day :D

I watched tons of other films but I can't recall them now :(

19 January 2009

Movie Review

It's been a while since my last movie review, this is my first one in 2009.
That doesn't mean I quit watching movies, I can't quit doing it because movie is something fun to do.

Last movie I watched was Angelina's movie Changeling, it was really sad and knowing it's based a true story makes it even more depressing but it worth watching.

I like horror movies (talking about ghost movies not stupid monisters movies or serial killers), but there is an exception for that rule which is SAW.
I may announce that I proudly watched all the 5 parts of the movies.
Usually when they make part two of any movie they just ruin it, but not SAW. I loved all of them starting from SAW to SAW V which I watched recently.
I do recommend watching all of them if you have the guts.

The woman is a fun movie to watch, crowded with many female celebrites which I love...Actually this is the main reason why I watched it in the first place :D

Not into vampire movies anymore but friends insisted to watch Twilight, I was excited about the promo though. I have a whole new idea of vampires now, I won't mind marrying one now LOL

I loved Ryan Reynolds since I stated watching his TV show Two guys, a girl and a Pizza place I think he is fun. I recently watched two movies of him Definitely, Maybe and Just Friends and both of them are fun to watch.

The worst movie I watched in the past few days was Tropic Thunder, I thought it would be cool since it was full of great actors, but naaaah.

At the moment I am watching a TV show called The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency I love Janice although sometimes she looks like a pile of plastic LOL

23 November 2008

Weekend movie review...

I watched two movies during the weekend, "Burn after reading" and "Masjoon Tranzit".

The first movie was censored, almost all of it...It wasn't that good though, I think it was OK.
The second movie is Arabic (Egyptian), I am not a big fan of Arab movies...I was kinda forced to watch it, plus I was a little curious about it since it was post processed by Mounira's company.

04 October 2008

03 July 2008

VLC media player

نزلت أفلام تورنت و ما كان الصوت شغال فيهم، فقعدت أدور كودك صوت عشان يشتغل و هم ماكو فايدة...آخر شي قررت أجرب إني أنزل برنامج VLC و مشت السالفة و الحمدلله....المشكلة الحين ان ما عندي وقت اشوف شي.

و اذا كنتوا منزلين فلم تقدرون تنزلون معاه ترجمة و تشتغل مع الفلم من خلال هالبرنامج :)

اذا عندكم مشاكل مع الفيديو او شي جربوا هالبنرامج...تقدرون تنزلونه من هالوصلة.