19 January 2009

Movie Review

It's been a while since my last movie review, this is my first one in 2009.
That doesn't mean I quit watching movies, I can't quit doing it because movie is something fun to do.

Last movie I watched was Angelina's movie Changeling, it was really sad and knowing it's based a true story makes it even more depressing but it worth watching.

I like horror movies (talking about ghost movies not stupid monisters movies or serial killers), but there is an exception for that rule which is SAW.
I may announce that I proudly watched all the 5 parts of the movies.
Usually when they make part two of any movie they just ruin it, but not SAW. I loved all of them starting from SAW to SAW V which I watched recently.
I do recommend watching all of them if you have the guts.

The woman is a fun movie to watch, crowded with many female celebrites which I love...Actually this is the main reason why I watched it in the first place :D

Not into vampire movies anymore but friends insisted to watch Twilight, I was excited about the promo though. I have a whole new idea of vampires now, I won't mind marrying one now LOL

I loved Ryan Reynolds since I stated watching his TV show Two guys, a girl and a Pizza place I think he is fun. I recently watched two movies of him Definitely, Maybe and Just Friends and both of them are fun to watch.

The worst movie I watched in the past few days was Tropic Thunder, I thought it would be cool since it was full of great actors, but naaaah.

At the moment I am watching a TV show called The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency I love Janice although sometimes she looks like a pile of plastic LOL

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Technogal said...

I am one of the fans of SAW! I really loved watching this movie from 1 to 5..The man is really genius on preparing the games :)
I did read the book but didn't watch the movie yet! do you recommend it?