29 July 2007


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غير عنوان الصورة ما عندي تعليق!


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I am really happy for them, they won the Asian cup for the first time although they've been under massive agony!
When they won the game with Korea, Iraqi people went out in the streets celebrating the victory, 50 were killed and more were injured by a terror explosion.
Their football team consists of many players with different ethnic and religious backgrounds, yet they played as a team and proved to the world that differences means NOTHING.


28 July 2007

My pride...

That was the second song I loved in her album, you know when I usually listen to an album there are some songs I listen to them more than others...This is number 2 :D

Song name: Shomookh Ezzi (My pride)
Album: Sawwaha Qalbi سواها قلبي 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Asalah, Assala, Asala - أصالة
Lyrics by: Mo'atazzah - معتزه
Composed by: Lail - ليل
Arranged by: Med'hat Khamees - مدحت خميس
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Who says that you are capable of loving?
Who says that you were faithful?
It was just a game for you...
You always take but never give back!
I finally saw your real face...
I thought we had a great love...
But now I realized that my love to you was a mistake!

My mistake was on the day I lit you with my radiant Sun...
My future differ from my past...
I don't love you the way I used to!

You used to own my heart...
I will never comeback to you, even in your wildest dreams!
I want to remind you...
I want to stand up for my self...
My pride and my emotions are greater than the whole universe and it's orbits!

من يقول انك تحب
من يقول انك وفيت
كل هذا كان لعب
ياما خذت و لا عطيت
كافي ما جه منك كافي
بان لي ما كان خافي
كنت اظن الحب وافي
و اثر حبك خساره

كم تناسينا خطاك
ما يهمك و اشيصير
بعت قلبي اللي عطاك
صدق ما عندك ضمير
غلطتي ارخصت نفسي
يوم اضويتك بشمسي
بكره ماهو مثل امسي
قلبي و تغير مساره

كان قلبي في ايديك
ضامنه لا ما يخون
لا ولا بحلمك اجيك
هذا في حكم الجنون
اذكرك ياللي انت ناسي
و اوقف بوجهك يا قاسي
شموخ عزي و احساسي
يسوى كوني و مداره

25 July 2007

You've changed me

One of my favorite song in her 2007 album, I love the second part of this song specifically (2:43 to the end of the song).

Song name: Ghayyartini (You've changes me) غيرتني
Album: Kol Ma Neqarrab Le Ba'adh كل ما نقرب لبعض 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Angham - أنغام
Lyrics by: Hind Al Qadhi - هند القاضي
Composed by: Khalid Ez - خالد عز
Arranged by: Fahad - فهد
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

You've changed me...
I am not what I am anymore...
I don't believe in anybody anymore...
You've changed me...
I am afraid of everybody...
Aren't you a human being with feelings and emotions just like us?
You only know how to take but you never give back!

You've changed me...
You've made me regret dreaming that I could teach you how to treasure me...
Now I have to forget all about you because you are a weak person who can not handle my heart and love
Aren't you a human being with feelings and emotions just like us?
You only know how to take but you never give back!

غيرتني ما بقتش انا ما بقتش اصدق اي حاجه
غيرتني معقوله انا بقيت اخاف من كل حاجه
هو انت ايه مش برضه انسان زينا ممكن تحس؟
و الا انت ايه كل اللي عارفه عن الحياه تاخذ و بس!

غيرتني خليتني اندم اني كنت بجد بحلم
اعلمك تقدر اللي مابين ايديك
لازم تهون لما تكون انسان ضعيف
مش قد قلبي و حبي ليك

A wish...

My God, Asalah's 2007 is hard to translate :S
That's the best I could do in that song :D
There is a girl who sing in the background, she has amazing voice...She begin singing on 3:40 and stop singing on 3:50 :)~
I have n o idea who is she but her voice is beautiful :>

Song name: Omniyah (A wish) أمنية
Album: Sawwaha Qalbi سواها قلبي 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Asalah, Assala, Asala - أصالة
Lyrics by: Malamih - ملامح
Composed by: Salah Ahmad - صلاح احمد
Arranged by: Khalid Ez & Hani Farahat - خالد عز و هاني فرحات
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I swear that I wish for one thing only...
I wish that I own the whole universe in my hand...
So whenever you wish for a thing...
Or before dreaming of it, I will make it true!
Before you speak up, I will!
Before you complain about anything I will come with solutions!
I wish that I own the universe in my hands so I can fulfill all your wishes!

I know that my wishes are nothing but wishes...
If I can make my wishes come true, I would dedicate life to you!
I only want to see you happy...
I feel happy when I see you smile...
I wish that I own the universe in my hands so I can fulfill all your wishes!

You are my pride and humiliation...
You are the most beautiful thing ever happened to me...
What could I dedicate to you except me?
I will throw the days of my life under your feet... In return, I want to see you smile forever!
My life was a mistake before knowing you...
It's frustrating, I swear it is...
Because I can't reach the sky so I can't dedicate the moon to you as a gift...
I wish to do that but unfortunately I can do nothing about it

والله اني ما اتمنى في حياتي الا شي
اني املك كل هالدنيا في ايدي
ما اسمعك في يوم تنطق كان ودي
قبل لا تحلم احقق
قبل لا تحكي اقول
قبل لا تشكي همومك لك اجيك كلي حلول
و ليت كل هالكون بإيدي لأجل احقق ما تبيه

ادري ان امنياتي هي مجرد امنيات
لو اني املكها حياتي كنت أبهديك الحياة
بس اشوف الابتسامة ما تفارق دنيتك
ياللي كل ايامي تضحك لما اشوف بسمتك
و ليت كل هالكون بإيدي لأجل احقق ما تبيه

انت يا عزي و ذلي و اجمل ما حصلي
و ايش اقدملك سواي
و ارمي ايامي تحت اطهر خطا
ياللي كل ايام عمري قبل ما احبك خطا
اي قهر والله قهر...اني ما اقدر حتى ما اقدر...
اوصل حدود السما...لأجل اهديلك قمر
ودي والله ودي...بس ما في ايديني شي

24 July 2007

Summer of 2007 albums

CD covers (from left to right/ top to bottom) Asalah, Saber Rebai, Angham, Najwa Karam

2007 album released recently, I loved two songs of it only and they are "Ana Rooh" (I am a soul) and "Raji'e Tes'al A Meen" (Why you are back?).

One week later Angham's 2007 was released and I loved most of it but there is one song that I loved the most and it is "Ghayyartini" (You've changed me).

Then Asalah's 2007 album released and I think the title song "Sawwaha Qalbi" (My heart betrayed me!) is going to be a smash hit :D
I loved almost every single song in the album.

And now Saber Rebai released his 2007 album and I didn't have the chance to listen to it more often but I still can tell that it is great. Currently my favorite song of it called "Dhaqat Beek".

23 July 2007

It's my birthday...MY GOD I AM ONE YEAR OLDER :O~

OK it's my birthday and my current age is....

14 years and 132 months old :+
I shouldn't smile that wide because I am old (not to mension that I have a weird shaped smile; thanks mom and dad) but that's not a new photo, it was taken 3 months ago by friend.
The photo below is a gift, and that's the ONLY GOOD THING about birthdays :\
On the dawn of 23rd of July 19XX...Baby radiant was born to the (sucky) world, last year on my birthday I shared a photo with you flickrists to show you my evolution (you can see it below with the comments).

P.S. Green is my favorite color, that's why the photos are greenish :Pp~

22 July 2007

Why you are back?

Released in Najwa's 2007 album, reminds me of her old songs. The ones which begins with "Mawwal" such as "Sahraani", "Dal'ona"...Etc

Song name: Raje'a Tes'al A Meen? (Why you are back?) - راجع تسأل ع مين
Album: Haida Haki هيدا حكي 2007
Song genre: Indian, Oriental, Belly Dance, Dabkah
Singer: Najwa Karam - نجوى كرم
Lyrics by: Hassan Al Monjid - حسان المنجد
Composed by: Wissam Al Ameer - وسام الأمير
Arranged by: Tariq Akif - طارق عاكف
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

If your heart was a stone hard, it could relent...
Because of the emotions, love and tenderness I gave you...
I forgot all about you and toughen up...
Why you are back now?
It's late!

Why are you back?
Why you are saying "I love you" to me?
My love to you is dead!
Look in to my eyes...
I am not the same person you used to know...
I even forgot who are you!

Comeback and remind me of you...
Try to wake me up, I might recall who are you...
Return to the way you used to be when we first met...
Return and tolerate me when I start blaming you about it...
Why are you back?

You've lose many years away of me and now you are asking me why?
How could you forgot about me and now you are back?
I am afraid that you will break my heart again...
Why are you back?

لو قلبك حجر كان حن و لان
ع قد ما اعطيتك عاطفه و حب و حنان
نسيتك انا و قسيت عيوني عليك
لوين راجع بعد ما فات الآوان

راجع تسأل ع مين
تقول بحبك لمين
نام الهوى فيا
اتطلع في عينيا
ما عاد انا هي
و نسيتك انت مين

ارجع ذكرني خليني ادور ع حالي فيك
ارجع فيقني وعيني يمكن انا بلاقيك
ارجع من الاول لما كنا عشاق
ارجع و اتحمل صوت العتب لو فاق
راجع تسأل ع مين؟

سنين ضيعتها و جايني تقلي تركتيني كيف
كيف يا قاسي ناسيني و راجع لعندي كيف
بخاف ع قلبي ما تجرحه من جديد
بخاف من حبي قصة عذابي يعيد
راجع تسأل ع مين؟

19 July 2007

My heart betrayed me!ٍ

The song's name is "Sawwaha Qalbi" and the literal translation of it is (My heart did it) but it's meaningless in English.
It's a folk Khaleeji song by Asalah, released in her 2007 Khaleeji album :D
I almost love every single song in the album, very deep lyrics and power voice.
There is noway to translate the full song but I tried to translate a part of it.
Asalah is talking about her heart as if it's a real independent entity :+

Song name: Sawwaha Qalbi (My heart did it or My heart betrayed me)
Album: Sawwaha Qalbi سواها قلبي 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Asalah, Assala, Asala - أصالة
Lyrics by: Khalid Al Meraikhi - خالد المريخي
Composed by: Saham - سهم
Arranged by: Khalid Ez & Hani Farahat - خالد عز و هاني فرحات
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

My heart betrayed me...
He loved you and didn't obey my orders although I demanded him not to!
Apparently he wants to be close to you and that's why he quit everybody including his owner!
Please look after my heart when it's beside you, greet him with love day and night

17 July 2007


Summer is the season of music albums, everybody is releasing a new album except me :+
One after one, week after week...I don't have a time to listen for each one of the albums fairly!

Najwa Karam, then Angham, Asalah and Saber Rebai!
All these albums released in one month by Rotana!
I really need sometime to listen to each one of them but they just won't let me :O

07 July 2007

I would eat that If I COULD!

I think I am no longer a DSLR dummy :D
Last weekend (Wed. 5th of July 2007) I went for a long outdoor photo session trying to take long exposures since I don't have models :(
I ended up with some great shots, until then I really loved my old point and shot (Panasonic FX-01) and I hated my DSLR (Nikon D80) but now I hate my point and shot and love my DSLR more!

I was amazed with the results :D
The first photos weren't that great because the location was crowded with curious people and I was nervous :+

Currently I am listening to a very sad song by "Saber Al Reba'ei" (صابر الرباعي) called "Dhaqat Beek" (ضاقت بيك) from his 2007 album, it's really sad song.