22 July 2007

Why you are back?

Released in Najwa's 2007 album, reminds me of her old songs. The ones which begins with "Mawwal" such as "Sahraani", "Dal'ona"...Etc

Song name: Raje'a Tes'al A Meen? (Why you are back?) - راجع تسأل ع مين
Album: Haida Haki هيدا حكي 2007
Song genre: Indian, Oriental, Belly Dance, Dabkah
Singer: Najwa Karam - نجوى كرم
Lyrics by: Hassan Al Monjid - حسان المنجد
Composed by: Wissam Al Ameer - وسام الأمير
Arranged by: Tariq Akif - طارق عاكف
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

If your heart was a stone hard, it could relent...
Because of the emotions, love and tenderness I gave you...
I forgot all about you and toughen up...
Why you are back now?
It's late!

Why are you back?
Why you are saying "I love you" to me?
My love to you is dead!
Look in to my eyes...
I am not the same person you used to know...
I even forgot who are you!

Comeback and remind me of you...
Try to wake me up, I might recall who are you...
Return to the way you used to be when we first met...
Return and tolerate me when I start blaming you about it...
Why are you back?

You've lose many years away of me and now you are asking me why?
How could you forgot about me and now you are back?
I am afraid that you will break my heart again...
Why are you back?

لو قلبك حجر كان حن و لان
ع قد ما اعطيتك عاطفه و حب و حنان
نسيتك انا و قسيت عيوني عليك
لوين راجع بعد ما فات الآوان

راجع تسأل ع مين
تقول بحبك لمين
نام الهوى فيا
اتطلع في عينيا
ما عاد انا هي
و نسيتك انت مين

ارجع ذكرني خليني ادور ع حالي فيك
ارجع فيقني وعيني يمكن انا بلاقيك
ارجع من الاول لما كنا عشاق
ارجع و اتحمل صوت العتب لو فاق
راجع تسأل ع مين؟

سنين ضيعتها و جايني تقلي تركتيني كيف
كيف يا قاسي ناسيني و راجع لعندي كيف
بخاف ع قلبي ما تجرحه من جديد
بخاف من حبي قصة عذابي يعيد
راجع تسأل ع مين؟

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