19 July 2007

My heart betrayed me!ٍ

The song's name is "Sawwaha Qalbi" and the literal translation of it is (My heart did it) but it's meaningless in English.
It's a folk Khaleeji song by Asalah, released in her 2007 Khaleeji album :D
I almost love every single song in the album, very deep lyrics and power voice.
There is noway to translate the full song but I tried to translate a part of it.
Asalah is talking about her heart as if it's a real independent entity :+

Song name: Sawwaha Qalbi (My heart did it or My heart betrayed me)
Album: Sawwaha Qalbi سواها قلبي 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Asalah, Assala, Asala - أصالة
Lyrics by: Khalid Al Meraikhi - خالد المريخي
Composed by: Saham - سهم
Arranged by: Khalid Ez & Hani Farahat - خالد عز و هاني فرحات
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

My heart betrayed me...
He loved you and didn't obey my orders although I demanded him not to!
Apparently he wants to be close to you and that's why he quit everybody including his owner!
Please look after my heart when it's beside you, greet him with love day and night

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