28 July 2007

My pride...

That was the second song I loved in her album, you know when I usually listen to an album there are some songs I listen to them more than others...This is number 2 :D

Song name: Shomookh Ezzi (My pride)
Album: Sawwaha Qalbi سواها قلبي 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Asalah, Assala, Asala - أصالة
Lyrics by: Mo'atazzah - معتزه
Composed by: Lail - ليل
Arranged by: Med'hat Khamees - مدحت خميس
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Who says that you are capable of loving?
Who says that you were faithful?
It was just a game for you...
You always take but never give back!
I finally saw your real face...
I thought we had a great love...
But now I realized that my love to you was a mistake!

My mistake was on the day I lit you with my radiant Sun...
My future differ from my past...
I don't love you the way I used to!

You used to own my heart...
I will never comeback to you, even in your wildest dreams!
I want to remind you...
I want to stand up for my self...
My pride and my emotions are greater than the whole universe and it's orbits!

من يقول انك تحب
من يقول انك وفيت
كل هذا كان لعب
ياما خذت و لا عطيت
كافي ما جه منك كافي
بان لي ما كان خافي
كنت اظن الحب وافي
و اثر حبك خساره

كم تناسينا خطاك
ما يهمك و اشيصير
بعت قلبي اللي عطاك
صدق ما عندك ضمير
غلطتي ارخصت نفسي
يوم اضويتك بشمسي
بكره ماهو مثل امسي
قلبي و تغير مساره

كان قلبي في ايديك
ضامنه لا ما يخون
لا ولا بحلمك اجيك
هذا في حكم الجنون
اذكرك ياللي انت ناسي
و اوقف بوجهك يا قاسي
شموخ عزي و احساسي
يسوى كوني و مداره


Anonymous said...

my favorite song of the whole album...LOVE ITTTTT...:) 3asak 3algowa

Anonymous said...

Me too :D

I loved plenty of songs but that song was my very favorite, Loved the lyrics :D