23 July 2007

It's my birthday...MY GOD I AM ONE YEAR OLDER :O~

OK it's my birthday and my current age is....

14 years and 132 months old :+
I shouldn't smile that wide because I am old (not to mension that I have a weird shaped smile; thanks mom and dad) but that's not a new photo, it was taken 3 months ago by friend.
The photo below is a gift, and that's the ONLY GOOD THING about birthdays :\
On the dawn of 23rd of July 19XX...Baby radiant was born to the (sucky) world, last year on my birthday I shared a photo with you flickrists to show you my evolution (you can see it below with the comments).

P.S. Green is my favorite color, that's why the photos are greenish :Pp~


Anonymous said...

You kinda smile like Gael Garcia Bernal...it's definitely a unique smile!

lilgrexicano said...

oh, and happy birthday!

Allawi said...

happy brithday man! Sorry for being late, but ana ma3thor. I was away home :D lol

radiantguy.com said...

Thanks all :)