07 July 2007

I would eat that If I COULD!

I think I am no longer a DSLR dummy :D
Last weekend (Wed. 5th of July 2007) I went for a long outdoor photo session trying to take long exposures since I don't have models :(
I ended up with some great shots, until then I really loved my old point and shot (Panasonic FX-01) and I hated my DSLR (Nikon D80) but now I hate my point and shot and love my DSLR more!

I was amazed with the results :D
The first photos weren't that great because the location was crowded with curious people and I was nervous :+

Currently I am listening to a very sad song by "Saber Al Reba'ei" (صابر الرباعي) called "Dhaqat Beek" (ضاقت بيك) from his 2007 album, it's really sad song.

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