11 April 2010

Movies list

Valentine's day is a fun movie crowded with superstars such as Julia Roberts, Queen Latifa, Patrick Dempsey and many others...Julia appeared for 3 minutes or so, it was very short appearance.
Fun to watch
I honestly didn't expect The Hurt Locker to be that good, specially since Americans tend to make their selves to look like heros in every single war movie even if in reality they were losing it...I watched the movie because I was curious why it won the Oscar of the best movie instead of Avatar...Now I know why!
Triangle is a commercial horror movie but I like the story, very original.
I love that show, I recently watched every single episode of the 4 seasons...I love Marrieanne and Zoey mostly

08 April 2010

Kel Wahed

كلمات الكويتي علي الفضلي، ألحان القطري الفيصل و توزيع التركي زافين...
أغنيتي المفضلة من البوم لطيفة الخليجي "أتحدى"
كليب الأغنية توه نزل و فكرته إن هو قاعد يدزلها هدايا و اهيه معطيته skip
التصوير كان في مواقع مختلفة بدبي، الجميره، مترو دبي و حسب المخرجة نهلة الفهد الكليب تصور لأول مرة بكاميرة شبيهة بالكاميرة اللي تصور فيها فيلم Avatar

صوت الناي في الآخر عجيب، شوفوا الكليب تحت

كل واحد يا اخي حر بحلاله...كل قلب يحس يلاقي حبيبه
مابي أعطيك قلبي مع وصاله...قلبي إن ما جاك ما تقدر تجيبه

Everybody owns his property…
Every heart with feelings will find his beloved one
I don't want to give you my heart with it's emotions…
If my heart didn't come to you with it's own free will, you will not be able to have it your self

المحبة أنت تحسبها سهالة؟
و إلا تبغاها على كيفك نهيبة!
قل لقلبك لا يبالغ في خياله...و إعتذرلي منه أنا مو من نصيبه!

Do you think love is easy?
Or you think it could be stolen?
Tell your mind not to exagorate with it's own fanatasy…And ask him to forgive me because I don't belong to him

يا حبيبي انت عقلك وش جراله؟
جرح قلبي انت أصلاً مو طبيبه!

My baby, what's wrong with your brain (are you going crazy)?
You are my wound not my doctor!