11 April 2010

Movies list

Valentine's day is a fun movie crowded with superstars such as Julia Roberts, Queen Latifa, Patrick Dempsey and many others...Julia appeared for 3 minutes or so, it was very short appearance.
Fun to watch
I honestly didn't expect The Hurt Locker to be that good, specially since Americans tend to make their selves to look like heros in every single war movie even if in reality they were losing it...I watched the movie because I was curious why it won the Oscar of the best movie instead of Avatar...Now I know why!
Triangle is a commercial horror movie but I like the story, very original.
I love that show, I recently watched every single episode of the 4 seasons...I love Marrieanne and Zoey mostly


Smart-y said...

I really want to see Valentine's day wa The hurt locker, i'll add them to my never-ending-list of films to watch!
sheft Date Night? it's SUPER FUNNY! kfaya Tina Fey wa Steve Carell, haha!

wa haa lil7een 3la rayik ensayif fe juzr il qamar (aka: Kuwait 1.5)? hehe!

radiantguy.com said...

Yes I did, Amazing movie I laughed my eyes out that day, however the censorship in Kuwait forced me to get the original movie on DVD :D

Yalla en9ayf why not, roo7 wana la7gl bs a9k jan6ti :P