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19 November 2018

My weakness

Not really sure how to start talking about this song, I love this kind of lyrics that talks about human feelings in general, other than love and hate, I mean ordinary love songs...This is much deeper, something that could touch every human anywhere...Sometimes I listen to certain songs non-stop when they are released and I'd normally refer to them as my "national anthem"...This is one of them.

The piano in this song, the way she sings, the sigh at 3:08 </3

إسم الأغنية: ضعفي 
غناء: شيرين 
كلمات : سلطان صلاح 
ألحان : خالد عز 
توزيع : نادر حمدي 

Song name: "Daafy" or "Dha'afi" (My weakness) 
Singer: Sherine
Lyrics: Sultan Salah 
Composer: Khaled Ezz 
Mix by: Nader Hamdy 
Genre: Slow Egyptian/ Oriental pop music 

ضعفي بيصعب عليّا 
وعشان عزيز عليّا 
ببعد ساعتها عن أي حد أنا بعرفه 
وبخاف لضعفي ساعتها مني يخوفه 
وأفضل كده لحد ما أهدى 
لحد ما أقوى 
لحد ما أقدر من تاني أواجه 
ما أقدرش أواجه 
نظرة عيون فرحانة فيّا 

الناس لبعض دي كلمة بِطلت 
كان ليها وقت زمان وخلصت 
فيه حد ينفع يقول لحد ما تحس بيّا 
أنا عندي أعيش لوحدي أحسن 
وأتعب شوية من إني أرّخص نفسي 
ولا أصعب في يوم على حد يمكن 
يعطف عليّا 

يا ناس دي كلمة ساعات تصبر 
ساعات تغير 
ساعات تخلي الصبر يحلى في النفوس 
معرفش ليه مستخسرين الكلمة فيّا 

My weakness...
I feel sorry for it...
And because it's so precious to me...
I keep away of everybody I know... 
Because I am afraid that my weakness would scare them off!

And I want to stay that way until I calm down again... 
Until I am stronger... 
Until I am able to confront others!
I can not confront people...
With eyes that looks like it's happy for what's happening to me!

"People are there for each other" is a phrase that came to expiration... 
It had it's own time and it came to an end... 
Is it possible now for anyone to say "can anyone feel how I feel?" 

It's better if I live by my self... 
I will suffer a bit, but it's better than losing my pride... 
Or someone would feel sorry for me... 
Then might treat me tenderly!

Hey people... 
Sometimes one word would give a person enough strength to be more patient...
Sometimes it could make a difference...
Sometimes it could make patience sweeter and more bearable for suffering souls...
I am not sure why are you holding such a word back off me?

The crown on your head

I actually thought that this is the most humiliating Arabic song I ever heard then I changed my mind, and it seems that they actually made an effort in the lyric video...Very well done The Factory, Aline Ashraf, Mohammed Hesham and Heba ElKest!

Not even going to mention the poet, composer, arranger and Sherine because they all did amazing or I wouldn't make an effort to post about it.

إسم الأغنية: تاج راسك
غناء: شيرين
كلمات : امير طعيمه
ألحان : خالد عز
توزيع : حسن الشافعي

Song name: "Tag Rasak" (The crown on your head)
Singer: Sherine
Lyrics: Amir Teima
Composer: Khaled Ezz
Mix by: Hassan El Shafei
Genre: Egyptian pop music

أكون خاتم في صباعك
وتعمل فيا ما بدالك
تجيني وقت ما تجيني
تسيبني لما يحلالك

ولو راحتك مع دموعي
عيوني تبكي وتزيدك
وأسيب عمري وأيامي
رهن إشارة من إيدك

أجل كل أحلامي
عشان توصل لأحلامك
تكون الآمر الناهي
لازم أمشي ورا كلامك

ولما تخوني أعديها
وأقول سامحي عشان بيتك
وأصدق لما بتقولي...
أنا من قلبي حبيتك

وأدوس على قلبي وكرامتي...
عشان إنت تكون راضي
ولما تقل من قيمتي...
مركزشي وأقول عادي

حاجات وهمية ومريضة
بتتمناها في خيالك
ومش ممكن في يوم تحصل
وبيصدقها إحساسك

وقبل أما أمشي فيه كلمة أخيرة
عايزة أقولهالك
أنا مش جارية ولا عبدة
أنا ستك وتاج راسك

I will be a ring around your finger
You can do whatever you want to me
You can come to me anytime you like
And leave whenever you wish

If my tears will make you happy...
I'll cry even more so you can get happier
ِAnd I'll leave my life and days behind
With a gesture of your hand

I'll postpone all my dreams
So you can achieve yours
You'll get to demand and stop anything
And I am forced to do whatever you say

And when you cheat on me...
I'll let it go
And I'll tell myself to forgive so I don't wreck your own home
And I'll believe you when you say that you love me from the bottom of your heart

And I'll step on my heart and my pride for you to be satisfied
And when you humiliate me I'll just ignore it and move on

Those are all sick things and illusions
That you wish for in your imagination
And it is impossible for all of them to happen
Even if you still believe that it would

And before I walk away there is one more last word...
I wanted to say to you

I am not a odalisque or a slave...
I am your queen and the crown on your head!

Sick for Attention

Music is very Elissa style, I like that she is singing more powering songs instead of "I love you all the way" only, the way she used to.

The lyric video is nicely made, I would've expected more from Rotana though.

إسم الأغنية: مريضة اهتمام
غناء: اليسا
كلمات : علي المولى
ألحان : رامي الشافعي
توزيع : كميل خوري

Song name: "Maridhit Ehtimam" (Sick for attention)
Singer: Elissa
Lyrics: Ali AlMawla
Composer: Rami AlShafei
Mix by: Kameel Khouri
Genre: Lebanese Classic

ممنوع تهملني...
لازم حسك عطول عم بتحبني...
ما بيرضيني الحب العادي...
عطول بدي حس زيادة...
قد ما اخد بدي أكتر...
و معي رح تتعب!

انا مريضة اهتمام ما بدي اشفى!
انا يلي احساسا نقطة ضعفا!
خلاصة الكلام...
مريضة اهتمام!

الناس بيملوا...
صدقني كرمال هيك كلن بيفلوا!
و اذا انت معود تزهق
و بس هالقد بتعرف تعشق
بفضل كفي عمري لوحدي...
و اخر همي!

You are not allowed to neglect me...
I should always feel...
That you are loving me!
I can not be satisfied with ordinary love...
I always want to feel so much more...
No matter how much I take I want more...
And you will get tired of me!

I am sick for attention!
I never want to be cured!
My feelings are...
My weakness!
In conclusion...
I am sick for attention!

People get bored...
Believe me that's the reason why...
They all leave!
And if you are used to getting bored...
And you can only love in this capacity...
Then I'd rather live my life alone...
And it would be the least of my worries!

18 November 2018

Joy is back...

It's strange how listening to a certain song would take you to places where you used to hear that specific song, the song is about feelings that any human can have.

I love the emotions of the poet Siham Chacha (a female poet) and Assala's way to deliver it despite the fact the lyrics are supposed to be uplifting it's emotional.

إسم الأغنية: رجع الفرح
غناء: اصالة
كلمات : سهام الشعشاع
ألحان : خالدي البكري
توزيع : خالد عز

Song name: "Rejea El Farah" (Joy is back)
Singer: Assala
Lyrics: Siham Chacha (Siham Al Sheshaa)
Composer: Khaled AlBakri
Mix by: Osama Al Hindi
Genre: Lebanese Tarab

رجع الفرح عا باب بيتى دق...
هلاْ خلص ما عاد قلو لأ...
صليت ياما كتير تالاقيك...
قلبى انتصر و الحب حن و رق...
ما عاد عندى للحزن مطرح... 
جايه ع بالى اضحك و افرح 
يا ريت فيي غافل الايام... 
و ع ظهر غيمة بالفضا اسبح!

عيونى خلص ما ظل فيها دموع...
كل شى مضى مالو بحياتى رجوع...
قديش عض القلب ع جروحه... 
تاما حدا يعرف اذا موجوع...

ياما سواد الليل غطانى... 
طبطب علي بعز احزانى 
هلا ما بدى غير نتفة ضو... 
امحي فيون ايا حزن تانى! 

The joy is back knocking on my house's door...
It's over now...
I will not say no to it... 
I prayed so much to find it...
My heart won and the love tendered and treated me gently! 

There is no place for sorrow anymore...
I want to laugh and be happy! 
I wish that i can run away of the days (destiny)... 
And on a back of a cloud, I swim into space! 

My eyes ran out of tears...
Everything that past have no place left for it in my life anymore! 
How many times did the heart bit on it's own wounds... 
So no one could tell that it's in pain!

For so long the night cover me with it's blackness... 
Petting on my shoulder trying to calm me down during my sadness... 
And now I only want a little spark of light... 
To erase the remains of any sadness left!

07 March 2018

أنغام - يوجعونك: عندما غنت أنغام للقلب

This song is about envious people who wishes you bad while you did nothing except good for them, the lyrics makes me sort of jealous of the way how the poet was able to express her feelings in such a beautiful way

إسم الأغنية: يوجعونك
غناء: انغام
كلمات : رازان
ألحان : ياسر بو علي
توزيع : خالد عز

Song name: "Yoje'onik" (They hurt you)
Singer: Angham
Lyrics: Razan
Composer: Yassir Abo Ali
Mix by: Khalid Ezz
Genre: Gulf Music

‏يوجعونك كثر ماتطري عليهم
‏قاصدين الجرح ويدينك عرايا
قد ماقدمت خيرك ترتجيهم
‏قد ماذلوك قدام البرايا

‏تدعي بسرك عسى الله يهديهم
‏تسكت وتصبر يدينون النوايا
‏قلت لك ياقلب ماجالك يجيهم
‏لا تألم تنطوي بين الزوايا

‏أدري ابصدمتك وادري تحتريهم
‏تختلق الأعذار وتخلي الوصايا
‏وانت اعلم مني إن فيهم وفيهم
‏ودهم يرمونك بحوض المنايا

‏‏عيش هالدنيا ولا تبقى بيديهم
‏طيش في غيك ولا تخشى الخبايا
‏إسمع إحساسي حذارِ تلتقيهم
‏عدهم ذنبك وياكثر الخطايا

‏ They hurt you as much as they thought about you...
They are trying to wound you despite the fact that you have "bare hands" (peaceful and never harmed anyone)...
As much as you did good to them...
As much as they humiliated you in front of everybody!

You secretly pray may they be guided again...
You remain calm and be patient waiting for them to condemn their intentions...
I told you my dear heart, what happened to you, one day will happen to them...
Don't be in pain and go hide in a corner!

I know that you are shocked and I know that you are waiting for them...
You keep making excuses for them while neglecting my advice...
And you know better than me that they have lots of issues...
They wish to throw you in a the "pool of death" (grave)!

Live this life freely and don't be "between their hands" (don't give them control over you)
Go as extreme as you can with life and don't be afraid of the unknown
Listen to my feelings and be aware of meeting them
Consider them a sin and "how many sins you have"? (it will not be your only sin)

05 January 2017

The opposite of what they see

I have no idea how many times I listened to this song, it was a top song in 2016 for me, I wouldn't exaggerate if I said that it's currently my national anthem...This kind of songs is rare in the Arab world where a singer sings about his/ her personal feelings, feelings that are not related to love or someone else (examples: "Ya Mryati" by Elissa -  "Sarkha" by Saber El Rebai - "Al Moshtaka" by Assala Nasri and "Efrah Wo Ehlam" by Latifa...Below you can find English translation of the song and the original Arabic lyrics.

إسم الأغنية: عكس اللي شايفينها

غناء: إليسا

كلمات : أمير طعيمه

ألحان : وليد سعد

توزيع : أحمد إبراهيم

و قالوا سعيدة في حياتها و واصله لكل أحلامها
و باينه عليها فرحتها في ضحكتها و في كلامها
و عايشه كأنها في جنة و كل الدنيا مالكاها

و قالوا عنيده و قوية ما بيأثرش شيء فيها
محدش في الحياة يقدر يمشي كلمته عليها
هتحلم ليه و تتمنى مفيش ولاحاجة ناقصاها 

و من جوايا أنا عكس اللي شايفينها ..
و عالجرح اللي فيها ربنا يعينها
ساعات الضحكة بتداري في جرح كبير ..
ساعات فيه حاجات ما بنحبش نبينها 

كتير أنا ببقى من جوايا بتألم ..
و مليون حاجه كاتماها بتوجعني
بيبقى نفسي أحكي لحد و أتكلم ..
و عزة نفسي هي اللي بتمنعني

سنين و أنا عايشه في مشاكلي و بعمل أني ناسياها
و حكموا عليا من شكلي و م العيشه اللي عايشاها
أنا أوقات أبان هاديه و من جوايا نار قايده 

و لو يوم اللي حسدوني يعيشوا مكاني لو ثانيه
و لو شافو اللي انا شفته هيتمنوا حياة تانيه
و لو هحكي عن اللي انا فيه هتفرق أيه.. أيه الفايدة

Song name: "Aks Elli Shaifenha" (The opposite of what they see)

Singer: Elissa

Lyrics: Ameer Tu'aimah

Composer: Waleed Sa'ad

Mix by: Ahmad Ibrahim

They said that she is happy in her life, already pursued all her dreams
And we tell that she is happy, in the way she laugh and talk
And that she is living as If she's in paradise, while owning the whole world

They said that she is stubborn and strong, nothing can affect her
No one in this world can force her to do anything
Why would she dream or wish for a thing, she doesn't need anything

Deep inside I'm the opposite of what they see
May God help her with healing her wound
Sometimes a smile Is hiding away a deep wound
Sometimes there are things we don't like to show

Most of the time I am deeply suffering...
And a million hidden internal issues are killing me...
I wish I can talk to someone...
But my pride holds me back

For many years I lived my own problems, while pretending to forget them
And they judged me according to the way I look and the way I am living
At times I play it cool but inside I am burning like a fire

And if one day those who envy me, put their feet in my shoes just for a second...
And if they "saw" experienced what I've been through, they will wish for another life...

And If I talk about what I'm going through, what difference does it make...what's the point?

03 January 2017

This Saudi song is getting viral!

"Hwages" or Obsessions is the name of the song which was written in Khaleeji (a form of Arabic dialect spoken in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman) and also the music from that region, it was published on 23rd of Dec 2016 on youtube of the director Majed AlEsa.

The songs is actually sexist towards men but keep in mind that the crew including the director - according to the description on YouTube -who produced the song are actually men, and to be honest I find it funny.

Here is the original lyrics of the song in Arabic and a literal translation of it in English which might not be easy to understand for non Arabic speakers because Arabic is full with analogies.

جعل الرجاجيل الماحي
حطوا بنا أمراض نفسية

يا عل مافيهم صاحي
كل واحد فيهم جنيه

حظي عجاج و الحبايب قراطيس
و من يمسك القرطاس وقت العجاج

May all men be "erased" (die)
They placed psychological diseases in us

May non of them be sane
"Each one of the is possessed by a female jinn" (All men are insane)

My luck is "dust/smoke" and my love ones are "made of paper" (useless)
Who can hold a piece of paper during a dust storm? (It means that they are hopeless for not being able to do anything)

and it was shared on AJ+ twitter and facebook

 And also was mentioned on 2nd of January 2017 on the Dutch TV channel NPO 1 (kro ncrv)
 show where they share viral things around the web and talk about it (for like half an hour which I think is a silly idea for a show)

31 December 2016

Angham - Aktiblak Ta'ahhod (I'd write you a pledge)

The idea of this song is when someone is living a nightmare with someone and they just want to leave to survive the remaining part of their life even if it was alone (As you can see in the English translation)...Below is the original song as released in the album, normally when a singer perform in a live concert it's not as good as the original record...Except Angham performed this song in a concert (as you will see in the bottom of this post) better than the original once, don't forget to keep an eye on the maestro!

إسم الأغنية: أكتبلك تعهد
غناء: أنغام
كلمات : بهاء الدين محمد
ألحان : إيهاب عبدالواحد
توزيع : مادي

مكن تسيبني اشتري عمري اللي باقي؟
قول بكام
مش عايزة اعيشه معاك
عشان لو عشته كله جراح

ولو انت خايف لما تسيبني
اقابل بعدك حد يصوني
و انت لو مبقتش بتصدق كلامي
انا ممكن اكتبلك تعهد مني
اني هعيش لوحدي باقي عمري
بس اعيشه باحترام

انا عايزة نفسي
حتى لو كل اللي باقي منها صوت
مانا لو هكمل حياتي بيك
من غير ما يجي الموت هموت
مبقاش في قلبي مكان لاليك
ولا حد تاني
خلاص مفيش
مبقتش عايزة حاجات كتير
كل اللي انا عايزاه أعيش

Song name: "Aktiblak Ta'ahhod" (I'd write you a pledge)

Singer: Angham

Lyrics: Baha'a AlDen Mohammed

Composer: Ehab Abdulwahid

Mix by: Madi

Will you let me buy the rest of my life?
Say how much it is..
I don't want to live it with you
because if I live a life full of wounds then
it would be a waste

And if you're scared that when you leave me
I'll find someone to treasuree me after you are gone
and if you no longer believe my words
I can write you a pledge
saying that I will live the rest of my life alone
as long as I live it keeping my respect

I want myself [back]
Even if what remains from it is just a voice
If I continue my life with you,
without death coming, I would still die
There is no longer a place in my heart for you nor
for anyone else
It's all over
I no longer want many things,
All I want is to live!

29 December 2016

أصالة - يا حبّيبه

أغار ممن لديهم القدرة على التعبير عن انفسهم بهذه الطريقة...فكرة عبقرية للشاعر قوس لكلمات أغنية "يا حبيبة" لأصالة و التي تغني بها أصالة كما لو كانت هي الشمس و تدعو الناس للحب خلال النهار لتتضح لهم الرؤية!

إسم الأغنية: يا حبّيبه

غناء: أصالة

إسم الألبوم: أعلق الدنيا

كلمات : قوس

ألحان : عزوف

توزيع : هشام السكران

يا حبيبه صباح الخير، يا حبيبه
انا شمس النهار اللي مطلّه
بخرب ليلكم والجو كلّه

من بغى يسري يسري
من بغى يقعد بدري

انا شمس النهار اللي مطلّه، يا حبيبه
يا حبيبه، صباح الخير، صباح الخير

ليه يعني كل فرحكم ليل؟
ليه حتى زعلكم في الليل؟
ترا تالي الليل كذبه، ترا حب الليل لعبه!

أنا أمحي الليل بضيي أنا
جرب اهوى فيني، جرّبني انا

انا شمس النهار اللي مطلّه، يا حبيبه
يا حبيبه، صباح الخير، صباح الخير

Song name: "Ya Hibbeebah" (Hey lovers)

Singer: Assala

Lyrics by: Gooooos

Composed by: Ozoof

Arranged by: Hisham AlSakran

Good morning lovers
I'm the sun of the daylight that shines
I'll ruin your night and the whole mood

Whoever wants to leave shall leave
Whoever wants to stay, it's early morning

Why does all your happiness take place at night?
Why does your sadness take place at night too?

Beware, late night Is a lie
Night's love Is a game!

I erase the night with my light, I do!
Try to fall in love "Inside me" (during my time)...
"Try me" Try to fall in love during the daytime!

30 December 2013

يقول كرهني!

اسم الأغنية: بقول كرهني
إسم الألبوم: أحلى حاجة فيا
كلمات: محمد الغنيمي
ألحان: مودي جمال
توزيع: داني نيفيل
إنتاج: لاتيسول 2014
توزيع بالأسواق: شركة مزيكا
توزيع رقمي: شركة وتري

Song name: "Yeól Kerehni" (He says he hates me)
Album: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)
Lyrics by: Mohammad AlGhunaimi
Composed by: Moody Gamal
Arranged by: Danny
Genre & Tempo: Slow
Produced by: Latisol 2014
Distributor: Mazzika & Watary

كلمات الأغنية: 

بقاله يجى يومين ومش بيبان!
قلبى عليه خايف قوي و قلقان!
ما هي مش عوايده يغيب عليا يومين!
أسأل عليه الناس ما بيردوش!
إيه اللى عارفينه و معرفهوش؟!
بيخبوا عنى ايه و ليه ساكتين؟!

هو مرتاح و الا ماله؟
نفسى أعرف أيه جراله؟!
جاله قلب إزاى يسبني باليومين من غير ما يسأل!
بس ما يسبنيش ده كله
و أقول يا عالم ايه حصله
يجي حتى يقول كرهني...يجي و بسامح و ح أقبل!

في بعاده ما بقاش ليا ناس غاليين!
و حياتي من بعده ح أعيشها لمين؟
ده أنا بين غرامي و بين قساوته بموت!
مش قادرة أتحمل و أعمل إيه..
أنا كل حاجة في عمري واقفة عليه...
ساكتة الحياة من غيره مالهاش صوت!

English Translation:

It's been two days since he disappeared!
My heart is scared and worried about him!
It's not one of his habits to leave me alone for two days!
I ask people about him but they never answer!
What do they know and I don't?
What are they hiding and why they remain silent?!

Is he ok and comfortable or what?
I want to know what's wrong with him?
How did he have enough strength to leave me for two days without asking about me?!
But he shouldn't let me wondering for this long about what's happened to him!
Even if he came and said that he hates me, I will forgive him and accept it!

While he is away I had no precious people!
And for who shall I keep living for?!
Between my love to him and his toughness I am dying!
I can't stand it and what should I do about it?!
Everything in my life revolves around him!
Without him, life is silent and have no melody!

19 December 2013

Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا

Song name: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)
Album: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)
Lyrics by: Malak Adil
Composed by: Mohammad Abdulmin'em
Arranged by: Rafiq Akif
Genre & Tempo: Pop / Fast
Music Video Location:Beirut, Lebanon
Produced by: Latisol 2013
Directed by: Walid Nassif

I can't believe what I am seeing and hearing!
Is it possible that our hearts are finally together?
Promise me that we will live together...
And you will be next to me and my eyes will enjoy you
From now on I will sleep and wake upon your laugh
And I will hug you close and taste your tenderness
I will not live on Earth anymore...
We will live like angels in your heaven!
You are the most beautiful thing in me!
You are everything to me!
When you are between my arms...
I own the whole world!
Your love made me...
A whole new person
I need nothing else...
While standing in front of you!
Touch me for your hands are tender!
Since the day I saw your eyes I felt like a whole new person!
You know what else I am dreaming of?
To live with you a million more years!
All the beautiful words are not enough to describe you
They will not be fair if they begun to describe and talk about you!
I don't need anything else from you...
But to pray with me that I live my days with you!

كلمات الأغنية:

مش قادرة أصدق اللي شايفاه و بسمعه!
معقول خلاص قلبك و قلبي تجمعوا!
احلف كده إني هـ أعيش معاك و تعيش معايا
و تبقى جمبي و عيني بيك يتمتعوا
أنا من النهارده هـ أنام و أقوم على ضحكتك
و أخذك في حضني و أذوق معاك حنيتك
أنا مش ح أعيش عالأرض تاني خلاص كفاية
هـ نعيش خلاص زي الملايكة في جنتك

أنت أحلى حاجة فيا
أنت كل حاجة ليا
لما تبقى في إيديا...بأملك الدنيا فيك
حبك انت خلاني...
أنا بقيت حد تاني...
مافيش حاجة ناقصاني...و أنا قدام عينيك

إلمسني أصل إيديك عليا حنينة
من يوم ما شفت عينيك و أنا ما بقتش أنا
عارف أنا بأحلم بإيه يا حبيبي تاني...
يا رب أعيش جمبك مليون سنة
كل الكلام الحلو ما يكفيش عينيك
دول يظلموك لو يوصفوك و يقولوا فيك
ما بقتش عايزة منك غير حاجة وحدة...
تدعي معايا ربي أعيش أيامي بيك

25 October 2013

Sherine - Ala Bali

I loved him secretly…

And I didn’t tell him that I loved him…
I don’t know what happens to me when I see his eyes!
I don’t know what to tell him…
I don’t know why I hid it from him…
I feel weak when I am beside him and when I am greeting him!
All the love if the world in my heart belongs to him…
You are the most precious person to me, my soul desires him!
Even If you were in front of my eyes, I will still miss you!

I am thinking of you and you have no idea what happened to me!
And the nights felt like long years that you left me in!
I am thinking of every word you said to me!
If words could describe tenderness…
I would have said that I love you a longtime ago!
Everyday my desire crows and it shows on me!

26 January 2012

شيرين - ده مش حبيبي!

My current favorite song by Sherine
أغنيتي المفضلة حالياً لـ شيرين
I loved her album cover, amazing!
وايد عجبني غلاف البومها
BTW, I was listening to this song when I had the car accident so don't listen to it and drive :(
للعلم انا كنت اسمع هالأغنية لما سويت الحادث...فلا تسمعونها و تسوقون السيارة :(

ده مش حبيبي...
ده حد تاني فين رقته؟!
و حنيته...خوفه عليا؟!
فين الكلام الحلو اللي قاله ليا؟
ما بقتش شايفه منه الا يادوب ملامحه!
و حتى دي ما بقتش برضو هي هي!
ده مش حبيبي...
ده حد تاني عامل ملاك!
و اللي زمان فرشلي بالورد الطريق!
ما طلعش زي ما كنت انا شايفاه بعنيا!

This is not my lover...
This is someone else, where is his tenderness?
Where is the beautiful words he said to me?
I can't see anything of him except slightly his facial features!
Even that, is not the way it used to be!
This is not my lover...
This  is someone else trying to act like an angle!
Good, pure and innocent!
The one who used to spread roses on the road!
He turned to be not the way I used to see him!

حبيته ليه و ازاي قدرت اعمل كده؟!
كان عقلي فين شكلي عملت بنفسي عمله!
فاكر يا قلبي يوم زمان انا قلتلك...
ما تحاولش تشوف حقيقة حد كامله!
ده مش حبيبي!

Why did I love him and how was be cabable of doing this?!
Where was my brain, it seems that i got my self in trouble!
Dear heart, remember that once I told you...
Don't try to see the whole truth of someone!
This is not my lover!

انا حبيبي...كان يبكي قبلي لو يشوف دمعة في عينيا!
و كان حبيبي يتعب مكاني لو ف يوم اتعب شويه!
اهه ده اللي روحي معاه
اما اللي انا شايفاه...
ده حد تاني!
اهه ده اللي روحي معاه
اما اللي انا وياه
ده حد تاني

My lover used to cry before me whenever he sees a tear in my eye!
And used to be in agony before me whenever I feel tired abit!
That is the one who owned my soul
But the one I am seeing...
Is someone else!
That is the one who owned my soul
But the one I am with...
Is someone else!

14 January 2012

Tomorrow / Bokra

 Latifa, Sherine, Shakira, Kathim Al Saher, Saber Al Rebai,Tamer Hosny, Asama'a Lmnawer, Ahmad AlJumairi, Ahmad Hussain, Akon, Cheb Jailani, Diana Karazon, Essa AlKubaisi, Fahad AlKubaisi, Fayez Al Said, Hani Metwasi, Hasna Zlagh, Hayat Al Edresi, Mawran Khoury, Masha'el, Naseef Zaiton, Reem Banna, Salah Al Zadjali, So'ad Masi, Wa'ad, RedOne and Quincy Jones are the artists who contributed in the song "Bokra" which means Tomorrow in English.

This is the Arabic version of the song "Tomorrow, a better you a better me" released in 1989 featuring Tevin Campbell, FYI there are several versions of the English song performed by different artists.
In the top is the first released of the English versions

 لطيفة، شيرين، شاكيرا، كاظم الساهر، صابر الرباعي، تامر حسني، أسماء لمنور، أحمد الجميري، أحمد حسين، آكون، الشاب جيلاني، ديانا كرازون، عيسى الكبيسي، فهد الكبيسي، فايز السعيد، هاني متواسي، حسنا زلاغ، حياة الادريسي، مروان خوري، مشاعل، ناصيف زيتون، ريم بنا، صلاح الزدجالي، سعاد ماسي، وعد، ريد ون و كوينسي جونز هم الفنانين المشاركين في أغنية بكرا و هي النسخة العربية من أغنية (غداً، أنت أفضل، أنا أفضل) التي تم إطلاقها في العام 1989 غناء تيفن كامبل، علماً بأنه يوجد أكثر من نسخة باللغة الإنجليزية لنفس الأغنية بعدة فنانين.
تجدون في الأعلى أول إصدار للأغنية بالإنجليزية

اتوقع الحين أغلبكم شفتوا أغنية بكرا على التلفزيون، بس أتوقع ما شفتوا كلمات الأغنية بالعربي خصوصاً إن في ناس من اللي يغنون مادري شنو قاعدين يقولون...انا حضرت حفل إطلاق الأغنية في دبي يوم 11 نوفمبر 2011 و هذا الكليب مع كلمات الأغنية مثل ما كانت مكتوبة في الكتيب اللي كان يتوزع هناك...و قريب راح أحط صور و فيديو من هاليوم
تحت تلاقون كلمات الأغنية بالخط العريض مع ترجمة بالإنجليزية

كامل الأغنية كلمات ماجدة الرومي ما عدا الجزء الإنجليزي و المقطع الأخير اللي كتبه كريم العراقي.

I guess by now most of you watched the music video of Bokra / Tomorrow, but i guess you didn't get the chance to read the lyrics in Arabic since some of the singers pronouncing the words in a weird way...I was in the launching event in Dubai on 11th of Novermber 2011 I will soon post  photos and video from the event...Below is the original text in BOLD with English translation.

The entire song was written by Majida Al Roumi except the English part and the last part which was written by Kareem Al Iraqi.

جاي بكرا نهار جديد
نفرح فيه و يفرح فينا
نزرع الارض مواعيد
حب و امل وين ما مشينا
بكرا تجمعنا الايام
على الخير و ع السلام
يا دنيا سوا سوا سوا
منلون الكون باغانينا

Tomorrow a new day is coming...
Will make us happy and we will make it happy!
We will grow the land with promises...
Love and hope wherever we go
Tomorrow days will bring us together...
In goodness and peace
Together, together, together...
We will colour the universe with our songs

مين قال ما نقدر
نغير وجه الكون
شنوا تقول لو محينا
الظلمة بصبحات اللون
نامن على كل المفارق
تضحك لينا الطرقات
نامن حتى حد ما دايس
دومة فيمن بها الحياه

Who says we can't change...
The face of our world?
Why not erase darkness,
With the sun of the morning
Have faith at every crossroad,
The roads will smile at us
Have faith, wherever we set foot,
The cloud will disappear

نقدر نوصل لحد الشمس
اللي نحتاجه الايمان
الحب و نكران النفس
و صداقة كل الأديان

We can reach the sun
All we need is faith
Love and selflessness
Friendship among all religions

من كل عرق و من كل جنس
صحي ضميرك يا انسان
بكرا الذمة الحلوة تعود
و نزرع كل الارض ورود

Among every race and creed,
Awaken your conscience as a human being
Tomorrow the good conscience will return
And we'll plant the land with roses

بكرا يومك يا بلادي
نملى الفرحة في كل مكان
نبني مستقبل لاولادي
يعيشوا في خير و سلام

Tomorrow is your day my country
We'll spread joy everywhere
We'll build a future for our children
To live in goodness and peace

If we try we can fly
Whole 'nother place
And we're never never never
Too far from tomorrow, today

لو حاولنا...نقدر نطير
لمكان آخر
و نحن أبداً أبداً
و اليوم...لسنا بعاد من بكرا

كلما صباح يهدينا
ورد و شمس نهار جديد
صوب الجائر يودينا
مهما بكرا يكون بعيد
في أحلام بتناجينا
وفي ضحكة بتناجينا
و الأحزان نقدر بأيدينا
نغيرها و تتحول عيد

Whenever a morning gifts us,
With roses, the sun and a new day
Taking us towards the future...
No matter how far tomorrow seems
Our dreams keep us going
Our laughter bids us
By ourselves we can turn sorrow into "Eid" joy

نحن صوت الخير شمس الايام
نحن يوم جديد راية سلام
نحن وآيات الحب و روح الأنغام
نحن الف ليلة من شرق الأحلام

"We are the voice of goodness and  the sun of days
We are a new day and flag of peace
We are the flute of love and soul of music
We are a thousand nights from the rise of dreams"

مستنينا جناح الهوا
بكرا نكون أحلى سوا
فتاح ابواب الأمل
ليل العتمة انتهى

"The wings of love await us
Tomorrow we are better together
Open the door of hope
The night of darkness is ended"

يا شمس يا شموسة
يا حلوة يا عروسة
نتمنى  بكرا السلام
تنور علينا شموسه
و انا و أصحابي الحلوين
احمد و عيسى و موسى
و أطفال العالم كله
خد السلام نبوسه

Dear sunny sun
You are beautiful as a bride
We hope for peace tomorrow
With it suns shining on us
 me and my sweet friends
Mohammed, Jesus and Moses
And all of the children of the world
Will kiss the cheque of peace!