26 January 2012

شيرين - ده مش حبيبي!

My current favorite song by Sherine
أغنيتي المفضلة حالياً لـ شيرين
I loved her album cover, amazing!
وايد عجبني غلاف البومها
BTW, I was listening to this song when I had the car accident so don't listen to it and drive :(
للعلم انا كنت اسمع هالأغنية لما سويت الحادث...فلا تسمعونها و تسوقون السيارة :(

ده مش حبيبي...
ده حد تاني فين رقته؟!
و حنيته...خوفه عليا؟!
فين الكلام الحلو اللي قاله ليا؟
ما بقتش شايفه منه الا يادوب ملامحه!
و حتى دي ما بقتش برضو هي هي!
ده مش حبيبي...
ده حد تاني عامل ملاك!
و اللي زمان فرشلي بالورد الطريق!
ما طلعش زي ما كنت انا شايفاه بعنيا!

This is not my lover...
This is someone else, where is his tenderness?
Where is the beautiful words he said to me?
I can't see anything of him except slightly his facial features!
Even that, is not the way it used to be!
This is not my lover...
This  is someone else trying to act like an angle!
Good, pure and innocent!
The one who used to spread roses on the road!
He turned to be not the way I used to see him!

حبيته ليه و ازاي قدرت اعمل كده؟!
كان عقلي فين شكلي عملت بنفسي عمله!
فاكر يا قلبي يوم زمان انا قلتلك...
ما تحاولش تشوف حقيقة حد كامله!
ده مش حبيبي!

Why did I love him and how was be cabable of doing this?!
Where was my brain, it seems that i got my self in trouble!
Dear heart, remember that once I told you...
Don't try to see the whole truth of someone!
This is not my lover!

انا حبيبي...كان يبكي قبلي لو يشوف دمعة في عينيا!
و كان حبيبي يتعب مكاني لو ف يوم اتعب شويه!
اهه ده اللي روحي معاه
اما اللي انا شايفاه...
ده حد تاني!
اهه ده اللي روحي معاه
اما اللي انا وياه
ده حد تاني

My lover used to cry before me whenever he sees a tear in my eye!
And used to be in agony before me whenever I feel tired abit!
That is the one who owned my soul
But the one I am seeing...
Is someone else!
That is the one who owned my soul
But the one I am with...
Is someone else!


AlMai Port l ميناء الميّ said...

سلامات بشّار، ألبوم موفق لشرين

radiantguy.com said...

يسلمج مي :)