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12 January 2018

How biased is the mainstream media?

I spent a long time writing this, if you do actually believe that human rights are not selective, or you believe and/or your government actually believe in them...Read this to the end or just role to the otherside and go back to sleep...It’s about a specific subject that took place in December 2017 and is still taking place...If it was deleted I will re-post it and if you suddenly can not find my profile on facebook then it’s suspended because of what is written below...It’s about how mainstream media and social media misguide the way you think about certain issues, and how it affects your perspective about specific topics, I am using the story about #AhedTamimi as an example and I provided resources.

I am sure none of you ever heard of this teenage girl Ahed Tamimi from An-Nabi Saleh town in the west bank in Palestine who was born on 30 of March 2001, because you know...You will only get to see what mainstream media and social media wants you to see...A supporting message from a known Egyptian celebrity “Sherihan” was deleted by Instagram, she wrote about it on twitter and few days later Instagram brought it back.

“Ahed and her 20-year-old cousin, Nour Tamimi, approached an Israeli captain and a first sergeant at the edge of the family's walled front yard. Ahed yelled at them to leave, then started pushing and kicking the soldiers, who casually fended off the blows. Then she hit both in the face, according to the charges” (The Independent)...Reading this article makes you take the israeli side until you read the short paragraph quoted above you will realize the slapping took place on a Palestinian 1967 land, It’s fascinating how mainstream western media makes invaders looks so innocents while picturing the people who are defending their own stolen land as the tyrants, below you will find more similar articles where they write the story in a way that will probably make you take the wrong side.

And here is a video (courtesy jpost) of what they call IDF (D for defence btw, it should be replaced with A for attackers because the whole thing happened on a Palestinian land hence attack not defence.

1 “The latest shows the 16-year-old punching a heavily-armed Israeli soldier on her family's property last December. Tamimi can be heard yelling, "get out or I'll punch you!" The soldier pushes her away.”, and here CNN reports the incident backwards she punched him then she told him to get out or I’ll punch you, also in the exact article 2 “They point out the Tamimi family is known for its activism, regularly leading Friday demonstrations against Israeli soldiers and the occupation in their village.” they make the family of Ahed sound like the aggressors then the say in their village...That means if you get a stranger in your backyard then just let them do whatever they want. 3 The video on the top of this article shows the way the teenage girl was acting but it doesn’t mention that it actually happened on their backyard which is again on Palestinian 1967 land.

I wrote all of this not to look at it via an eye of a human not to decide the if that land belongs to those or that, but because of what that girl and much other people being through on daily basis and not everybody gets to see it...the reason why they have so much rage.

My personal view about who owns the land is as follows:

Imagine if a monkey takes over your house and kicks you out of it, or he and his family and friends takes over your neighborhood and seige you in your own house, simply because he thinks that he lived on Earth first...Would you still use monkey Emojis on WhatsApp? or would you will turn to Rick in #TheWalkingDead on them?

Not sure what is 1988, 1967, 1949 or 1948 borders?

Well to make this post much shorter, the 48 borders defines UN borders of creating almost equal sizes of a Jewish state next to an Arab state which was suppose to be Palestine, the Jewish state was recognized as Israel while the Arab State was never recognized at the time, the 49 borders was created by negotiations between Israel and neighboring Arab states of what was suppose to be Palestine in what is called Armistice Agreement, giving more land to Israel of the West bank and Gaza, also leaving the remains of Gaza under the control of Egypt and the remains of the west bank under control of Jordan...Well there are people living on that land they call themselves Palestinians, no one asked for their opinions about anything related to the piece of land they call home (or as they call it Palestine)...Ahed’s ancestors are part of those people.

And of course there is the endless story of Jerusalem...

20 April 2016

#yo2Bernie Sanders

That is a very funny and creative manipulation of the name for a website/campaign/hashtag to use by ARABS FOR BERNIE SANDERS, apparently made by Arab Americans

yo’aBernie or yo2Bernie (يقبرني)
2 in Arabic internet slang is Q or A'a because there isn't an equivalent alphabet in english for it.
#yo2Bernie Standard phrase from Arabic meaning ‘you bury me.’ “A declaration of love, from one person to another, indicating how difficult it would be to live without them”

13 November 2012


Photos above taken by me using my Samsung Galaxy SIII camera phone
الصور في الأعلى هي مجموعة صور قمت بإلتقاطها بهاتفي سامسونغ غالاكسي أس 3

10th of November 2012 is the day when Kuwait celebrated the 50th year of issuing the constitution, more than 77,282 fireworks were launched in a period of one hour in the area stretched around 7 KM on the Arabian Gulf Street between Kuwait towers and the green island, and that eventually got Kuwait into Guinness World Records
10 نوفمبر 2012 هو اليوم الذي إحتفلت به دولة الكويت بالتصديق على دستورها، تم إطلاق 77, 282 من الألعاب النارية بمدة ساعة بمساحة إمتدت من أبراج الكويت و حتى الجزيرة الخضراء بطول 7 كيلو تقريباً على شارع الخليج العربي و في النههاية دخلت الكويت موسوعة غينس للأرقام القياسية

There were several stages in the middle of the sea, life guards were cursing to make sure that people who were watching the even in their yachts not to cross the safety limit from the sea side.
عدة مسارح تم تنصيبها في وسط البحر، و خفر السواحل تراقب البحر من الجهة الأخرى للتأكد من أن من يراقب الحفل باليخوت في مسافة آمنة.

I did attend the event with 2 of my friends, parked the car by Al-Hamra tower which is the highest building in Kuwait at the moment and it was lit with hovering flag of Kuwait (Photo below), and then walked all the way to the shore just next to Le Notre restaurant.
حضرت الإحتفالية مع 2 من الأصدقاء، قمت بركن السيارة بجانب مجمع الحمراء أعلى مبنى في الكويت حالياً و الذي زينه على الكويت (الصورة بالأسفل)، و قمنا بالمشي لغاية شاطئ لو نوتر

The temperature was amazing with a nice breeze of air...We waited and waited until they announced the beginning of the event at 8:30 pm and that's when a HUGE amount of fireworks blowing the amazement of my brain!
كانت الجو رائع، انتظرنا حتى تم إعلان بداية الإحتفالية في الساعة 8:30 مساء

One day earlier I went to the location to see what's going on exactly; police men were blocking the street so I've taken this photo below LOL
في اليوم السابق ذهبت لإستطلاع المكان، حيث قام رجال الشرطة بصد الشارع و عندها قمت بتصوير الصورة في الأسفل لول

That's when one of the police men asked why am taking a photo on the street, I replied how many times will I be able to take such a photo on the busiest street in Kuwait..he laughed then he said for twitter? I replied of course NOT...This one is for Instagram LOL
حينها قام أحد رجال الشرطة بالسؤال، ما لقيت غير الشارع تنام و تصور فيه؟
قلتله الواحد جم مره بحياته بيلقى شارع الخليج فاضي؟
ضحك جان يقول حق تويتر؟
قلتله طبعاً لأ...هذي حق إنستاغرام لول

I've taken tons of pictures with my DSLR camera and videos, not sure when to publish them (until then you can see some impressive photos at the British DailyMail website) yet but if you didn't see the event you have to…Here you can watch the full coverage of the event from Kuwait TV (listen carefully to the music at 13:44)!
Keep in mind that in reality it was much better than the video here which I think that it's not a fair coverage to the event
قمت بتصوير العديد من الصور و الفيديوهات في هذا اليوم و لا أعلم متى سأقوم بنشرها (حتى ذلك الحين شاهدوا الصور في جريدة ديلي ميل البريطانية)، إن لم تشاهد الإحتفالية فأنصحك بمشاهدة التسجيل الكامل من تلفزيون الكويت و لو أعتقد بأنها ظلمت بالتصوير.
إستمع للموسيقى بالدقيقة 13:44!

أعتقد بأن تلك الليلة هي أسعد ليلة في حياتي!
I honestly think that it was the happiest night in my life!

14 January 2012

Tomorrow / Bokra

 Latifa, Sherine, Shakira, Kathim Al Saher, Saber Al Rebai,Tamer Hosny, Asama'a Lmnawer, Ahmad AlJumairi, Ahmad Hussain, Akon, Cheb Jailani, Diana Karazon, Essa AlKubaisi, Fahad AlKubaisi, Fayez Al Said, Hani Metwasi, Hasna Zlagh, Hayat Al Edresi, Mawran Khoury, Masha'el, Naseef Zaiton, Reem Banna, Salah Al Zadjali, So'ad Masi, Wa'ad, RedOne and Quincy Jones are the artists who contributed in the song "Bokra" which means Tomorrow in English.

This is the Arabic version of the song "Tomorrow, a better you a better me" released in 1989 featuring Tevin Campbell, FYI there are several versions of the English song performed by different artists.
In the top is the first released of the English versions

 لطيفة، شيرين، شاكيرا، كاظم الساهر، صابر الرباعي، تامر حسني، أسماء لمنور، أحمد الجميري، أحمد حسين، آكون، الشاب جيلاني، ديانا كرازون، عيسى الكبيسي، فهد الكبيسي، فايز السعيد، هاني متواسي، حسنا زلاغ، حياة الادريسي، مروان خوري، مشاعل، ناصيف زيتون، ريم بنا، صلاح الزدجالي، سعاد ماسي، وعد، ريد ون و كوينسي جونز هم الفنانين المشاركين في أغنية بكرا و هي النسخة العربية من أغنية (غداً، أنت أفضل، أنا أفضل) التي تم إطلاقها في العام 1989 غناء تيفن كامبل، علماً بأنه يوجد أكثر من نسخة باللغة الإنجليزية لنفس الأغنية بعدة فنانين.
تجدون في الأعلى أول إصدار للأغنية بالإنجليزية

اتوقع الحين أغلبكم شفتوا أغنية بكرا على التلفزيون، بس أتوقع ما شفتوا كلمات الأغنية بالعربي خصوصاً إن في ناس من اللي يغنون مادري شنو قاعدين يقولون...انا حضرت حفل إطلاق الأغنية في دبي يوم 11 نوفمبر 2011 و هذا الكليب مع كلمات الأغنية مثل ما كانت مكتوبة في الكتيب اللي كان يتوزع هناك...و قريب راح أحط صور و فيديو من هاليوم
تحت تلاقون كلمات الأغنية بالخط العريض مع ترجمة بالإنجليزية

كامل الأغنية كلمات ماجدة الرومي ما عدا الجزء الإنجليزي و المقطع الأخير اللي كتبه كريم العراقي.

I guess by now most of you watched the music video of Bokra / Tomorrow, but i guess you didn't get the chance to read the lyrics in Arabic since some of the singers pronouncing the words in a weird way...I was in the launching event in Dubai on 11th of Novermber 2011 I will soon post  photos and video from the event...Below is the original text in BOLD with English translation.

The entire song was written by Majida Al Roumi except the English part and the last part which was written by Kareem Al Iraqi.

جاي بكرا نهار جديد
نفرح فيه و يفرح فينا
نزرع الارض مواعيد
حب و امل وين ما مشينا
بكرا تجمعنا الايام
على الخير و ع السلام
يا دنيا سوا سوا سوا
منلون الكون باغانينا

Tomorrow a new day is coming...
Will make us happy and we will make it happy!
We will grow the land with promises...
Love and hope wherever we go
Tomorrow days will bring us together...
In goodness and peace
Together, together, together...
We will colour the universe with our songs

مين قال ما نقدر
نغير وجه الكون
شنوا تقول لو محينا
الظلمة بصبحات اللون
نامن على كل المفارق
تضحك لينا الطرقات
نامن حتى حد ما دايس
دومة فيمن بها الحياه

Who says we can't change...
The face of our world?
Why not erase darkness,
With the sun of the morning
Have faith at every crossroad,
The roads will smile at us
Have faith, wherever we set foot,
The cloud will disappear

نقدر نوصل لحد الشمس
اللي نحتاجه الايمان
الحب و نكران النفس
و صداقة كل الأديان

We can reach the sun
All we need is faith
Love and selflessness
Friendship among all religions

من كل عرق و من كل جنس
صحي ضميرك يا انسان
بكرا الذمة الحلوة تعود
و نزرع كل الارض ورود

Among every race and creed,
Awaken your conscience as a human being
Tomorrow the good conscience will return
And we'll plant the land with roses

بكرا يومك يا بلادي
نملى الفرحة في كل مكان
نبني مستقبل لاولادي
يعيشوا في خير و سلام

Tomorrow is your day my country
We'll spread joy everywhere
We'll build a future for our children
To live in goodness and peace

If we try we can fly
Whole 'nother place
And we're never never never
Too far from tomorrow, today

لو حاولنا...نقدر نطير
لمكان آخر
و نحن أبداً أبداً
و اليوم...لسنا بعاد من بكرا

كلما صباح يهدينا
ورد و شمس نهار جديد
صوب الجائر يودينا
مهما بكرا يكون بعيد
في أحلام بتناجينا
وفي ضحكة بتناجينا
و الأحزان نقدر بأيدينا
نغيرها و تتحول عيد

Whenever a morning gifts us,
With roses, the sun and a new day
Taking us towards the future...
No matter how far tomorrow seems
Our dreams keep us going
Our laughter bids us
By ourselves we can turn sorrow into "Eid" joy

نحن صوت الخير شمس الايام
نحن يوم جديد راية سلام
نحن وآيات الحب و روح الأنغام
نحن الف ليلة من شرق الأحلام

"We are the voice of goodness and  the sun of days
We are a new day and flag of peace
We are the flute of love and soul of music
We are a thousand nights from the rise of dreams"

مستنينا جناح الهوا
بكرا نكون أحلى سوا
فتاح ابواب الأمل
ليل العتمة انتهى

"The wings of love await us
Tomorrow we are better together
Open the door of hope
The night of darkness is ended"

يا شمس يا شموسة
يا حلوة يا عروسة
نتمنى  بكرا السلام
تنور علينا شموسه
و انا و أصحابي الحلوين
احمد و عيسى و موسى
و أطفال العالم كله
خد السلام نبوسه

Dear sunny sun
You are beautiful as a bride
We hope for peace tomorrow
With it suns shining on us
 me and my sweet friends
Mohammed, Jesus and Moses
And all of the children of the world
Will kiss the cheque of peace!