31 December 2016

Angham - Aktiblak Ta'ahhod (I'd write you a pledge)

The idea of this song is when someone is living a nightmare with someone and they just want to leave to survive the remaining part of their life even if it was alone (As you can see in the English translation)...Below is the original song as released in the album, normally when a singer perform in a live concert it's not as good as the original record...Except Angham performed this song in a concert (as you will see in the bottom of this post) better than the original once, don't forget to keep an eye on the maestro!

إسم الأغنية: أكتبلك تعهد
غناء: أنغام
كلمات : بهاء الدين محمد
ألحان : إيهاب عبدالواحد
توزيع : مادي

مكن تسيبني اشتري عمري اللي باقي؟
قول بكام
مش عايزة اعيشه معاك
عشان لو عشته كله جراح

ولو انت خايف لما تسيبني
اقابل بعدك حد يصوني
و انت لو مبقتش بتصدق كلامي
انا ممكن اكتبلك تعهد مني
اني هعيش لوحدي باقي عمري
بس اعيشه باحترام

انا عايزة نفسي
حتى لو كل اللي باقي منها صوت
مانا لو هكمل حياتي بيك
من غير ما يجي الموت هموت
مبقاش في قلبي مكان لاليك
ولا حد تاني
خلاص مفيش
مبقتش عايزة حاجات كتير
كل اللي انا عايزاه أعيش

Song name: "Aktiblak Ta'ahhod" (I'd write you a pledge)

Singer: Angham

Lyrics: Baha'a AlDen Mohammed

Composer: Ehab Abdulwahid

Mix by: Madi

Will you let me buy the rest of my life?
Say how much it is..
I don't want to live it with you
because if I live a life full of wounds then
it would be a waste

And if you're scared that when you leave me
I'll find someone to treasuree me after you are gone
and if you no longer believe my words
I can write you a pledge
saying that I will live the rest of my life alone
as long as I live it keeping my respect

I want myself [back]
Even if what remains from it is just a voice
If I continue my life with you,
without death coming, I would still die
There is no longer a place in my heart for you nor
for anyone else
It's all over
I no longer want many things,
All I want is to live!

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