03 January 2017

This Saudi song is getting viral!

"Hwages" or Obsessions is the name of the song which was written in Khaleeji (a form of Arabic dialect spoken in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman) and also the music from that region, it was published on 23rd of Dec 2016 on youtube of the director Majed AlEsa.

The songs is actually sexist towards men but keep in mind that the crew including the director - according to the description on YouTube -who produced the song are actually men, and to be honest I find it funny.

Here is the original lyrics of the song in Arabic and a literal translation of it in English which might not be easy to understand for non Arabic speakers because Arabic is full with analogies.

جعل الرجاجيل الماحي
حطوا بنا أمراض نفسية

يا عل مافيهم صاحي
كل واحد فيهم جنيه

حظي عجاج و الحبايب قراطيس
و من يمسك القرطاس وقت العجاج

May all men be "erased" (die)
They placed psychological diseases in us

May non of them be sane
"Each one of the is possessed by a female jinn" (All men are insane)

My luck is "dust/smoke" and my love ones are "made of paper" (useless)
Who can hold a piece of paper during a dust storm? (It means that they are hopeless for not being able to do anything)

and it was shared on AJ+ twitter and facebook

 And also was mentioned on 2nd of January 2017 on the Dutch TV channel NPO 1 (kro ncrv)
 show where they share viral things around the web and talk about it (for like half an hour which I think is a silly idea for a show)

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