19 November 2018

The crown on your head

I actually thought that this is the most humiliating Arabic song I ever heard then I changed my mind, and it seems that they actually made an effort in the lyric video...Very well done The Factory, Aline Ashraf, Mohammed Hesham and Heba ElKest!

Not even going to mention the poet, composer, arranger and Sherine because they all did amazing or I wouldn't make an effort to post about it.

إسم الأغنية: تاج راسك
غناء: شيرين
كلمات : امير طعيمه
ألحان : خالد عز
توزيع : حسن الشافعي

Song name: "Tag Rasak" (The crown on your head)
Singer: Sherine
Lyrics: Amir Teima
Composer: Khaled Ezz
Mix by: Hassan El Shafei
Genre: Egyptian pop music

أكون خاتم في صباعك
وتعمل فيا ما بدالك
تجيني وقت ما تجيني
تسيبني لما يحلالك

ولو راحتك مع دموعي
عيوني تبكي وتزيدك
وأسيب عمري وأيامي
رهن إشارة من إيدك

أجل كل أحلامي
عشان توصل لأحلامك
تكون الآمر الناهي
لازم أمشي ورا كلامك

ولما تخوني أعديها
وأقول سامحي عشان بيتك
وأصدق لما بتقولي...
أنا من قلبي حبيتك

وأدوس على قلبي وكرامتي...
عشان إنت تكون راضي
ولما تقل من قيمتي...
مركزشي وأقول عادي

حاجات وهمية ومريضة
بتتمناها في خيالك
ومش ممكن في يوم تحصل
وبيصدقها إحساسك

وقبل أما أمشي فيه كلمة أخيرة
عايزة أقولهالك
أنا مش جارية ولا عبدة
أنا ستك وتاج راسك

I will be a ring around your finger
You can do whatever you want to me
You can come to me anytime you like
And leave whenever you wish

If my tears will make you happy...
I'll cry even more so you can get happier
ِAnd I'll leave my life and days behind
With a gesture of your hand

I'll postpone all my dreams
So you can achieve yours
You'll get to demand and stop anything
And I am forced to do whatever you say

And when you cheat on me...
I'll let it go
And I'll tell myself to forgive so I don't wreck your own home
And I'll believe you when you say that you love me from the bottom of your heart

And I'll step on my heart and my pride for you to be satisfied
And when you humiliate me I'll just ignore it and move on

Those are all sick things and illusions
That you wish for in your imagination
And it is impossible for all of them to happen
Even if you still believe that it would

And before I walk away there is one more last word...
I wanted to say to you

I am not a odalisque or a slave...
I am your queen and the crown on your head!

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