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17 May 2009

A scream

What a beautiful touching song of hope and pain, I think every human being no matter where he or she from can relate to that song.
By now you'll notice that I rarely listen or like songs by male singers...And I do have a point of view about that which is thinking that female singers can deliver emotions in a song better than a male singer.

The performer of this song is an exception, probably he is the only male singer who makes me "see" the pain in his performance.

I had a hard time trying to translate this song because I didn't want to lose the powerful meanings in each phrase since Arabic poetry's point of strength (in my opinion) is figure speeches.

My very favorite parts of the songs is the second and third.

Song name: Sarkha (صرخة) A scream
Album: Wahishni Jeddan (واحشني جداً) Missing you alot
Year of production: 2009
Song genre: Oriental, Tarab
Tempo: Slow
Singer: Saber Al Reba'ei - صابر الرباعي

Lyrics by: Hatim Al Qeezani - حاتم القيزاني
Composed and Arranged by: Mohammad Allam - محمد علامTranslated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Everything in the universe is heading to an end...
Except good words will remain the way echo does...
Only if you understand the meaning of good words

What do I have so you envy me?
Expect agony which was caused by you in the first place!
Don't let my silence fool you...
I am hiding a scream which will frightens a volcano!
Don't let my smiles fool you...
Sometimes I smile as a result of sadness!

I wanted to cry loudly...
I wanted to run and surpass everything including the wind...
No...I don't care if I tripped and fall down...
All what I care about to run away of my sadness...
I know the road will be hard to pass, but I will walk it all the way till the end

A word is a star lit with wisdom...
If you imprisoned it, it will survive...
If you imprisoned it in the middle of darkness, it will survive
The word tought us to be masters in the universe
The word changed many people as long as it was full with emotions
The word builds, but doesn't pull down
It heels, doesn't wound
The word raised the morning...
It lit human beings path to goodness

I have plenty of words which no one heard...
I have plenty of screams which no one felt...
And the best cure for my agony to remain silent!

Hey road of patience, "travel" (figure speech for being a lone) is taking so long...
We've lost many golden years of our lives while we don't notice it

كل اللي في الدنيا مصيره للفنا...
إلا الكلام الطيب يبقى صداه
لو تفهموا معنى الكلام الطيب

اش اللي عندي تحسدوني عليه؟
غير التعب و انتم سبب تعبي اللي عايش بيه!
ما يغركمش سكاتي...
في داخلي صرخة تفزع البركان!
لا تغركم بسماتي...
ساعات نتبسم من الأحزان!

حبيت نبكي نصيح...
حبين نجري نفوت حتى الريح...
لا لا لا لا ما يهمنيش نطيح
اللي يهمني نهرب من الأحزان
نعرف طريقي مليح من بمصاعبو نمشيه مهما كان

الكلمة نجمة منورة بالحكمة...
لو تسجنوها تعيش الكلمة...
لو تسجنوها وسط الظلمة تعيش...
لو تسجنوها الكلمة

و الكلمة ياما علمتنا نكون...
أسياد في هالكون

و الكلمة ياما غيرت الناس ما دام فيها إحساس
الكلمة تبني و ما تهدم
تشفى و ما تألم

الكلمة طلعت صباح...
نور طريق الخير للإنسان

زايد كلامي اللي ما سمعوش...
زايد صراخي اللي ما حسوش...
و أحسن دوا لمواجعي الكتمان

يا طريق الصبر طال السفر طول على الصابرين
من سنين العمر ياما ضيعنا و إحنا مش حاسين

13 February 2008

Whenever you are depressed

Another great song by Saber Rebai'e and the duet (composer and writer) Waleed Sa'ad and Hani Abdulkareem...
This song was my favorite song of Saber's 2007 album, I was listening to it non stop for so long, I even had it as my cellphone's ringtone.

The other day I was watching him with the host "Hala Sarhan" (هالة سرحان) and she said that he cried in the studio while he was singing this song...He said that was true he got emotional when he was singing a specific phrase so he wanted to redo it but they confessed him to use the one with the crying part and he did actually release it that way...You can hear that part in the audio track at 1:23 minutes.

I am glad he decided to shot this song among the others from his 2007 album.

Song name: Dhaqat Beek (Whenever you are depressed) ضاقت بيك
Album: Al Ghorba الغربة 2007
Song genre: Egyptian, Pop Music,slow,fast Romance, Love

Singer: Saber Al Rebai'e - صابر الرباعي
Lyrics by: Hani Abdulkareem - هاني عبدالكريم
Composed by: Waleed Sa'ad - وليد سعد
Arranged by: Mid'hat Khamees - مدحت خميس
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I always support you against day (in your bad days), but when destiny smiles to you and take your side...
You instantly forget all about me while I pray for God to look after you

Whenever you are depressed...You always want me to stick around...
Whenever you are fine...You consider my faithfulness a burden which you want to get rid off...
In both ways I remain silent, I don't want to forget you nor I want to!

People says when a lover can't tolerate his beloved one anymore, he will not love him but will not hate him either...
But I already can't tolerate it anymore yet I can't hate you nor stop loving you!

كل مرة بكون معاك عالزمن و أما الزمن يضحكلك و يكون وياك
على طول تبيعني من غير ثمن و أنا برضو بدعي ربنا معاك

ضاقت بيك...تبقى عايزني أكون حواليك
ضحكت ليك...إخلاصي يكون حمل عليك
في الحالتين ساكت لا بنساك و لا بقدر أنساك

قالوا إن اللي يحب بجد لو فاض بيه من اللي يحبه...ما يحبش بس ما يكرهش
!و أنا فاض بيا تعبت بجد...قد ما بتعب لا كرهتك و لا عارف حتى ما أحبكش

24 July 2007

Summer of 2007 albums

CD covers (from left to right/ top to bottom) Asalah, Saber Rebai, Angham, Najwa Karam

2007 album released recently, I loved two songs of it only and they are "Ana Rooh" (I am a soul) and "Raji'e Tes'al A Meen" (Why you are back?).

One week later Angham's 2007 was released and I loved most of it but there is one song that I loved the most and it is "Ghayyartini" (You've changed me).

Then Asalah's 2007 album released and I think the title song "Sawwaha Qalbi" (My heart betrayed me!) is going to be a smash hit :D
I loved almost every single song in the album.

And now Saber Rebai released his 2007 album and I didn't have the chance to listen to it more often but I still can tell that it is great. Currently my favorite song of it called "Dhaqat Beek".