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01 March 2011

Kuwait Towers | 25th of Feb 2011!

I've never seen anything like that in the whole world, it's around an hour of "amazing"!
I wasn't there at the moment and I regret it but I watched the whole thing on TV and you should too watch it below if you missed it.
I cried when I saw the part about the Iraqi invasion (begins at 19:00)

05 December 2010

Fifa World Cup in Qatar 2022

Honestly, I never thought that I would say that phrase or any similar phrase in my life time...Qatar will hold the world cup in 2022, and it's going to be the first major event in the region ever.
What really amazed me, 5 of the 12 stadium which Qatar is going to construct them for the world cup...Watch the video below

بصراحة، لم أتوقع أن أقول تلك الجملة في حياتي، قطر ستنظم كأس العالم في 2022، و سيكون أكبر حدث في منطقة الشرق الأوسط.
ما أثار إعجابي هو 5 من 12 ستاد التي ستقوم قطر ببنائها لكأس العالم، شاهدوا الفيديو في الأسفل

They are all going to have air cooling system powered by a Solar system!
سيتم تكييفها جميعاً بنظام تبريد يعمل بالطاقة الشمسية!

10 March 2010

I think I am cursed!

Whenever I fall in love with a perfume it always gets discontinued?!!

It begun few years ago with Kouros from Yves Saint Laurent, I know it's still in the market but I am talking about the one with the semi transparent bottle which I can not find anywhere anymore.

Few years later, I fall in love with Alessandro Dell'Acqua for men (even the woman's edition smells like heaven), I also made a photo session for the perfume as seen below...And again it was discontinued!
Alessandro Dell'Acqua [reloaded]
I looked for it in every single place in Kuwait, Dubai and Germany and nothing!

So I decided to find a new alternative and I ended up with Trussardi's Essenza Del Tempo (shown below), and again it was discontinued *aaarrrrrggh*


To some people it's just stupid perfumes, the problem is I get emotionally attached to my things; specifically if they were perfumes, you know how sometimes when you smell something you will remember certain place or mood from the past?
Now I have no idea if I should love a new perfume or it will a death sentance?

I kinda like Issey Miyake's L'eau D'issey Pour Homme, I also love Egoiste from Chanel but I think I should quit loving perfumes and fall in love with something that last forever such as a t-shirt! 

03 February 2010

مبنى أعضاء مجلس الأمة

اسرع مبنى انبنى في الكويت...مبنى اعضاء مجلس الامه

01 February 2008

Marina FM مارينا أف أم

زين مو راضيين يبثون أغاني المطربات اللي طلعوا في الثمانينات مثل سميرة سعيد و لطيفة عشان كبروا و كله قاعدين يبثون أغاني رقاصات هاليومين و ساعات بالغلط يحطون أصالة و ناس ينزلون البومات ما يبثون منهم و لا اغنية و غيرهم مالهم داعي بالحياة 24 ساعة يبثون اغاينهم مادري ليش ولا ابي ادري ليش...الله يخلي ال إم بي 3 بلير مالي.

و هالحجي نفس الشي بالنسبة حق كويت أف أم.

الشي الزين في مارينا أف أم أنهم ساعات يبثون اغاني قديمة ما اكون متوقعها...مو قديمة حيل بس اوائل التسعينات مثلاً مو اللي اخر شي نازل بس هم الشي الموزين فيهم ان سايتهم ما يدعم فايرفوكس.

وين راح أسامة من برنامج الصبح؟ و ليش يابوا بداله عبدالرضا؟
صج ساعات أسامة يبط جبدي بس ما يصير كل ما نعود اذونا على صوت الصبح يغيرونه....يالله زين خلوه عبدالرضا بن سالم مو احد مادري من وين يايبينه.

شي ماله شغل بالموضوع...بس ليش كل ما بغيت انام الف شي بكتب عنه و لي كنت اونلاين بكتب شي كل شي يروح من راسي؟ هااا؟
يالله المره هذي كلوها مارينا أف أم...اللي بعده لوووول

اي توه تذكرت...امس شريت بنطرون يديد و للأسف كان اصغر من خصري اللولبي برقم واحد و ما كان في اكبر...شريته و قررت اضعفله لووووووووووول

21 November 2007

Friendship braceleT

I've made many friends online, some of them been my friends for 7 years - and counting - we never met though but that doesn't mean that we are not close friends.

Photo above shows me wearing a friendship bracelet, it was made specifically for me, I picked up the colors my self using the dropper tool of Corel Paint Shop Pro (it blends perfectly with my blanket and my praying carpet).

The girl who made that for me have a hobby of making bracelets and she is good in it...Thanks "S", I love it :)

17 January 2007


The first time I heard Latifa's new album was on 28th of December 2006, the exact day it was released. I hated it instantly, I always hate every album I listen to for the first time no matter who was the singer LOL
I thought the song's arrangement was the same, nothing new just like all of Fairouz's (If you never heard of Fairouz, she is one of the Arab world legends of all time) songs...When I kept listening to it the next few days I TOTALLY LOVED IT!
However I loved some songs the first time I heard them such as the very romantic song "Hayati" (translation: My life) CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the MP3, and the Arab pop song "Shofto Be Aini" (translation: I saw him with my own eyes) CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the MP3.

The album contained two twin songs Track# 1 which is "Ma'lomat Mish Akeeda" (translation: Indefinite information) and the last track in the album Track# 11 "Ma'lomat Akeeda" (translation: Definite information), in the first song she was talking about the way when a couple break up but she is not sure if that's it, she had a conflict with her self she loves him in parts of the songs and don't want him back in other parts, in track# 11 she is definite that they don't belong to each others anymore. She doesn't want him to be a part of her life and that's clear in the last part of the song when she says (as translated by me):

I resisted everybody to settle down with the one who I love...
You told me that I am not like the other girls; That i am someone different...
You made me feel that I am the only one you've ever loved in the whole world...
Why don't you tell me that anymore?
The greatest words you used to tell me?
I wish I had your real feelings not only your poems...
I can't forget those great days...Although you want me to forget it all!
Dear God help me to walk away of his love...He turned my life into air! (air is a figure speech for something cheap where you can find everywhere, it also means that he spread her love away just like air molecules that's one great advantage of Arab poetry, A word could mean many things)!
Dear God help me, his love doesn't make me happy anymore...Please don't let us return to each others again

I will add full translations in my music blog + some MP3s of the album soon.

Most of the songs in the album depends on Latifa's vocals (Tarab), in the main song of the album "Ma'alomat Akeeda" (Definite information) she almost sings without any music!
Most of the song's album are classics, very different of what's going on these days in the Arab world where most of the singers perform contemporary Arab Pop Music, Latifa didn't perform similar style since 1980s and early 1990s. But Latifa decided to released 2 or 3 contemporary songs, I think "Shofto Be Aini" (translation: I saw him with my own eyes) is the going to be a hit song when the music video released in the coming two weeks.

What makes this album different of all Latifa's albums and most of the albums (by other) these days?
I never thought that I would love that album the way I do, It's true I do love Latifa but I never liked Ziad the writer, composer and arranger of most of the album's songs.
It's kinda funny how some people consider him a great musician, an Arab icon while others hates him.

He has a weird music style, more into Classics/Jazz/Blues and that's the weird thing, he writes poems to be sung but they can't be considered as Arab poems simply because he doesn't follow the Arab poetry rules.

Most of his music work was performed by his mother Fairouz, I don't like her though but I like few of her songs.

Have a great weekend all ;)