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17 December 2006

Who are you?

One amazing melancholic song of the singer Angham, I am so into the song; perfect lyrics, performance, music and arrangement...You can feel the Arabian desert through the man's voice who was performing some "Mawwals" in the background.

The song is talking about Angham who break apart with the one who she used to love, now he is back; she was trying to push him away because she didn't want him to break her heart again.

I loved many songs in that album such as "Astannah Eih", "Qol Keda" and "Bahibbik Wahashteeni".

Song name: Inta Meen? (Who are you?)
Genre: Khaleeji classic/Slow
Album: Bahibbik Wahashteeni (2005)
Singer: Angham
Lyrics by: Fahad Thamal
Composed by: El Faisal
Arranged by: Ismael
Translated by: radiant guy (Me)

Look who is talking about love?! *being sarcastic*
Dear God; help me to deal with him!
Many years passed...
And now my longing to him is dead!

What kind of human being are you?
Don't you have any emotions at all?
That's it...
Let me have my own life back :(

You have no rights to return to me..
I choked with my own saliva and sunk in my own tears the day you told me you want to brake apart!
That's it...
I beg you to leave, I can't tolerate it anymore, I don't recognize you anymore, I've never set my eyes on you!

Tell me, who can left the rain drops to the sky again?
You can't, neither do I!
What kind of humans are you?
That's it...
Let me have my own life back :(

05 September 2006

It's me

Released in Thekra's (Zekra's) 2000 album. This album was her first Khaleeji album of her.
In the year 2003 she was murdered by her husband. May her soul rest in peace :(

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Hatha Ana (It's me)
Album: Galaha (He said it) 2000
Singer: Thekra | Zekra- ذكرى (Arabic for memory)
Writer: Turki
Composer: Tairq Mohammed
Translated by: Bashar (me)

It's me again, listen to me till the end..

My longing to you is increasing every second and I can't stand it anymore!

That's why I walked the long way to you, while I was lying to my self and hoping that you'll take me back; although I knew it's impossible!

I know that we already decided to break a part, I know that we reached the end...
Believe me, my heart is burning inside out; forgive me because I made you worried...
I have no body in the whole world to return to except you...
you are the owner of my dreams...
Your love made lost and wonder!
Our ex-love wasn't a tiny love!

That's it?
You decided to go away?
And I can do nothing to stop it...
That's it?
Nothing left to me anymore...
Please be merciful with me.
I need you with me tonight, reach me with your hand; help me to stabilize my steps...
Collect the broken pieces of me....Give me my treatment then you can leave!

01 August 2006

Happy anniversary

Amazing song by Angham...It's kinda old/classic Khaleeji song yet it's still great, I had a hard time to translate it; I said it million times and i will say it one more time, the Arab poetry loses the power during translation. It's always better to read the original one.
This song is a great example of Khaleeji Classic Songs (Khaleeji refers to the Music in Khaleeji Arab Dialect which it's spoken in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Arab Emirates and Oman).
F.Y.I. Angham is Egyptian singer.

Song name: Eidina Mobarak - عيدنا مبارك (Happy anniversary)
Album: Khalli Bokra Li Bokra (1998)
Singer: Angham - انغام (Arabic for melodies)
Written by: Turki Bin Abdulrahman
Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (Rumors says that he is the writer using a nick name since he is a prince)

The exact spot; where we always met; every year during a starry night such as this one...
To celebrate the "first day we met" anniversary...Our love anniversary...

The exact stars...
The exact moon...
Even it's the exact air breeze which it's used to dally the trees leafs...
Everything like the way it's always been...
But we are not anymore...
Destiny brake us a part...
Everything is gone between us exept the echo of our song...

Happy anniversary my love...
Happy anniversary my love.. .
Happy anniversary my love....

15 January 2006

Is that really you?!

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Hatha Ent?! (Is that really you?!)

Singer: Thekra (May she rest in peace)
Lyrics by: Turki Bin Abdulrahman
Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (romuers says that writer and composer are one person but since he is a prince he uses a nick name as a composer)
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

Is that really you?!

I didn't recognize you!
It's the first time I see you through my eyes…I used to see you through my heart!

It's the first time my hands doesn't shake, while you are sitting beside me!

It's the first time I feel that I am not flying, while I am with you!

It's the first time I notice that you are way smaller than the great "sky dome" of my dreams!

It's the first time I notice that you are just a typical human being not an angel!

It's the first time I notice that I lost my whole lifetime with you!

Is that really you?
I can't believe it!

Is that really you?!
Is that really you?!