05 September 2006

It's me

Released in Thekra's (Zekra's) 2000 album. This album was her first Khaleeji album of her.
In the year 2003 she was murdered by her husband. May her soul rest in peace :(

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Song name: Hatha Ana (It's me)
Album: Galaha (He said it) 2000
Singer: Thekra | Zekra- ذكرى (Arabic for memory)
Writer: Turki
Composer: Tairq Mohammed
Translated by: Bashar (me)

It's me again, listen to me till the end..

My longing to you is increasing every second and I can't stand it anymore!

That's why I walked the long way to you, while I was lying to my self and hoping that you'll take me back; although I knew it's impossible!

I know that we already decided to break a part, I know that we reached the end...
Believe me, my heart is burning inside out; forgive me because I made you worried...
I have no body in the whole world to return to except you...
you are the owner of my dreams...
Your love made lost and wonder!
Our ex-love wasn't a tiny love!

That's it?
You decided to go away?
And I can do nothing to stop it...
That's it?
Nothing left to me anymore...
Please be merciful with me.
I need you with me tonight, reach me with your hand; help me to stabilize my steps...
Collect the broken pieces of me....Give me my treatment then you can leave!


Anonymous said...

Hey can you put in the arabic words too? (But in english letters? I can't read arabic very well).

also - is this the same song as the Hatha Ana Adam sings?

Anonymous said...

This is a different song, it's way older than Hatha Ana by Adam...The lyrics says "Hatha Ana Min Jedeed Esma'ni Lil Akhir, El Shouq Kil Lahtha Yezeed Wallah Mo Qader"