18 September 2006


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Schools just started here in Kuwait, so kids..
I am done with school...Na Na Na Na Naaaah :Pp~

And now let's get real :D

Few days ago I received a pm from a guy who told me that we've been at school together 12 years ago :D
I knew nothing about this guy except that he is a great photographer, his first name plus he was born 2 years after me and that will make him 22 and will make me 14 years old LOL
Anyway I decided not to reply until I squeeze my my mind and search my old data base to remember who is he, but I did not remember him yet...Dam* menopause LOL
So I am dedicating him this photo of me and one of my best friends when we were at school 4 - 5 years old not really sure :">
I had a real hard time looking for this photo in the mountains of stuff and dust in my room lol

F.Y.I. I was acting as a mouth germ or a fly or some kind of insects or bacteria who knows what they forced me to do...I really had great potentials...I could do better than a stupid insect LOL

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