24 January 2006


This song released in the year 2004, at the time I was addicted on it; I just couldn't stop listening to it!
Very great and unique topic!
Don't you agree?

Song name: Afwan (Please)

Album: Awqaat (2004)

Song genre: Slow/Arab pop

Singer: Asalah

Lyrics by: I DON'T KNOW

Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)


He came to you admitting his fault and apologizing from the bottom of his heart

He is truly missing you; he came back because he really needs to be with you.


No please, go back and tell him I refused.

This time I am truly tired.

I will not return to him even if he dropped dead.

I swear I will not return to him.


Just try to stand him abit.

Why you want to broke up with him?

Just calm down Asalah and pray for God to show him the right way.


I used to be patient and I always used to say:

"I have to accept my bad luck in love and my destiny"And who says "Be patient to get what you want", I swear if he knew me; he would take his word back.

Even if I became weak and sick; I'll still act proud until I became strong and walk away of him.

So what if I became lonely? Since when anybody stood beside me to support me and wipe my tears?

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