15 January 2006

Farewell my PRINCE :~(

I wake up around 9 am to eat something and study a little for my final tomorrow (Monday)…I hate to study and I hate this subject but I have to study and pass so I can graduate.

I washed up and went downstairs (the living room) for breakfast, while I was eating I turned the T.V. on and started flipping the channels, until I saw a photo of the prince in full screen size with URGENT news on the news bar, the holly Qura'an almost on every TV channel.

I was really shocked and I didn't know if I still have to study for my next day's final or not.
May his soul rest in Peace : (

NOTE. Photo on the top is a shot (by me) of Kuwait TV channl on 15th of January 2006.

Photo on the bottom is a snapshot of Latifa's official site on the morning of 15th of January 2006.


Anonymous said...

actully every kuwaitie was shocked today .

About me: I was shocked when I sow dr.Anas Alrshaid saying this bad news, till this minute I thought that every thing is not real!!

Allah yr7mek ya Jaber elkhair
Allahuma Aajerna fe Mo9ebatna.

radiantguy.com said...

Allah Yer7amah :(