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27 October 2006

Friendship never last forever, IT'S TRUE!

I just don't know what went wrong, it's might be me or he just found a "better" friends group?
We've been best friends for more than 14 years but not anymore, he even changed his number so I don't call him (I wouldn't call him anyway even If I had his number but he is thinking that he is the Queen Elizabeth II and I would be running after him)!

I know I DID NOTHING WRONG but I have no idea what's wrong with him, I wanted to know what went wrong exactly but not anymore since he did forget all those years of our friendship.

I used to think about him for awhile but now I belly dance on Latifa's song "Khalleek Ba'eed" (Translation: Keep Away).

If you think walking a way will make you feel better, OK then you can keep away..
If that would make you more comfortable, I will be happy for you..
But don't return few days later asking for my forgiveness, and to reconciled again!

It's typical of you to forget all about our great days together whenever we have a little problem, I swear if I walked away you will feel lonely even If you had a thousand friends around you
My dear why you are treating me this way?

Don't be patient, return and ask for my forgiveness, and to reconciled again!

P.S. I don't really love Queen Elizabeth II; I am just trying to make a point, I hope she won't sue me for using her name LOL

14 October 2006


One of my very favorite songs of all times!
I think no matter how much I say that I love it, it's will never be enough to express the way I love it!
It's this kind of songs which you love everything about, Music, Lyrics, Arrangment and the singer performance.

The song released in the year 2002 (Arabic), I just found out that there is a Turkish version of it released in the year 2004...The Turkish song called "Hadi Git" and it was performed by "Seden Gürel".
It's happens a lot over her, sometimes Turkish use Arabic songs and sometimes Arabs takes Turkish music...Sometimes It's legally others not (It's was legal this time).

Song name: Benoub (Never)
Singer: Najwa Karam
Album: Tahamooni (2002)
Writer and composer: Marwan Khoury
Arranged by: Mohammed Mustafa
Translated by: Me

Never ever go away from me...
My eyes don't sleep because my beloved is coming tonight...
I wish we could find a medicine to cure my agony...
Time seems to pass at a slow pace with our date getting closer.

The evening wind as a signal of separation, It was blowing north while I sat by myself, Suddenly a warm breeze blew and reminded me of my beloved's smile!
O you sadness standing ready to stab my heart with your spears!

The night of mourning is over...
My beloved is coming back to live in (fill) my heart...
Life passes in an eye glance...
O darling, where are you? Come back to save my love!

02 August 2006

I am NOT what I am!

Amazing song of Asalah...Here is the videoclip

Album: Moshtaqa (2002)
Song genre: Slow/Arab pop
Singer: Asalah
Writer: Majdi Al Najjar
Composed and arranged by: Mohammed Dheya'a

If you didn't return to me again...
If you didn't swear that a second away of me equal a year...
If you didn't believe that heaven exist between my arms...
I am NOT what I am!

If you didn't realised that the secret of your tenderness is me...
If you didn't realisd that the love in your heart is created only for me...
If you didn't realised that as far as you go you still will return willing for me...
I am NOT what I am!

If you didn't regret the days you've been away of me...
If you didn't pay for the lonliness I've been through...
If you didn't drink a cup of the poison (figure speech of torture) which you watered me...
I am NOT what I am!

I will remain queit because my faithful heart is my gudie...
If you didn't return crying and begging me to take you back...
I am NOT what I am!