18 June 2007

I want no body except you

Sherine has a great voice and childish personality which I love. I always loved her slow songs but what makes this song special the "Maqsoom rhythm" (Maqsoom is the oriental rhythm some people refer to it as belly dance music) mixed with light rock guitars.
The song is very romantic. When Sherine perform the song life in concerts she sing it with different lyrics, the translation below is of the studio version of the song.
The song was never released officially, that's why I know nothing about the writer, the composer and the music arranger...All what I know about the song that it's could be found online since the year 2005.
Begin with the studio version ;)

DOWNLOAD (Studio version) MP3 at 128 KBPS (Hosted by 4shared)
DOWNLOAD (Hala February 2007 concrt) MP3 (Hosted by 4shared)
Song name: Mosh Aiza Gherak Inta (Arabic script: مش عايزة غيرك انت) - I want no body except you
Singer: Sherine, Shereen or Sherein- شيرين
Song genre: Arab pop music / slow

I want no body except you...
I swear I love you only...
You are my only love...
You are everybody to me

Years of my life passed away while I was living in agony...
There was something missing in my life and it was completed with you

My beloved one, while I am with you I feel that I own the whole world and time!
When your hands touches me, It's seems that I am in another world!
I need nobody of human kind except you...
It's enough to know that you belongs to me!

Because I love you a lot, I don't even want to blink!
I want to be with you, see you and live just for you!
If one second passed while I am not with you, I'll die and only your love will keep me a life!

مش عايزه غيرك انت
والله بحبك انت
و الحب كله انت
و انت الناس كلها

دي سنين العمر راحوا
قلبي عاشها بجراحه
كانت ناقصاني حاجه
و معاك كملتها

يا حبيبي معاك بملك بهواك الدنيا و كل زماني
تلمسني ايديك تحضني عينيك تلاقيني فعالم ثاني
مش عايزه خلاص غيرك من الناس و كفايه تكون علشاني

من كثر هواك طول مانا وياك مش عايزه اغمض عيني
عايزه ابقى معاك و افظل شايفاك و اعيشلك كل سنيني
لو ثانيه تفوت من غيرك اموت و هواك بس بيحيني

و هذه كلمات الأغنية كما تعنيها شيرين في حفلاتها

مش عايزه غيرك انت
والله بحبك انت
و الحب كله انت
و انت الناس كلها

يا أغلى من عيوني...
االليل و الشوق جابوني...
لعيونك أنسى فيهم أحزان أنا عشتها

قبلك كان قلبي فاضي...
عايش أيامه عادي...
و أما لقيتك قصادي حبيت طعم الهنا

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Anonymous said...

I love this song!
thanks for the translation