27 June 2007

My first DSLR...FINALLY :)~

My birthday is coming soon, I thought to get my self an early birthday gift :D
So I bought a Nikon DSLR...Clearly I've been a good boy LOL
Yaaaaaaai I am so excited I can't thank my self enough LOL
I guess I am not going to sleep, eat, work, shower, breath, tan and pick my nose for the next 6 months LOL
I'll spend my time figuring out how to take photos using it, I am a DSLR dummy *Hush*
Photo above was taken by my Point and Shot, the moment I entered my room :D

First photo...I know it sucks LOL

I can see that it's out of focus and I really should clean my mirror LOL
But give me a break, it's my first shot using my new DSLR...WoooHooo :D
I think I will never stop smiling LOL
Still didn't read the manual, I have no clue how to force the flash off, and how to get a better focus :\
I guess I will spend days reading about it and executing :\

Here is the original size

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