04 June 2007

Ever seen a bracelet of light in a starry night!

Ever seen a bracelet of light in a starry night! [READ ME]

As I said in my earlier post, the greatest open swimming spot in South of Kuwait was closed by Saudi Oil Company. So I went with my friend to find another spot (Eventually we didn't find one; well we did break in someone's under construction property but let's keep that our little secret LOL), anyway we had a road trip for an hour or so and we kinda lost our way so we entered a military base LOL

We didn't realised it until we reached the base's gate :D

So we had a U-turn and on the way back I saw the most amazing scenery for photography (If you don't know yet, I have a thing for starry nights, moons and long exposures), I am kinda dreamy :Pp~

Anyway I parked my car by the base and set my camera on the tripod as If that base owned by my father LOL...I took one photo with 7 seconds exposure (I can't recall for how long), but the stars weren't as bright as I wanted them to be, so I increased the exposure time to 15 seconds and took another one...At the time a car was coming toward us from the base; parked by us and a guy came out and said: "What are you doing here?"My friend replied: "We are taking some photos...He said "photos? of what? Can't you see the base over there?".

I said: "Yes, we came in by mistake, we were trying to find a new swimming spot but we didn't find one yet".

He said: "You shouldn't take photos by the base, it's crowded with Americans and they are about to leave".

I replied: "Well, I don't want to be invaded like Iraq and Afghanistan so I am going to leave".

And that was me being sarcastic :Pp~

I really wanted to take that photo with 30 seconds exposures, just out of curiosity not because I don't like the photo which I already captured and I am talking about the one shown above on my flickr not your ceiling you silly :Pp~

P.S. This photo look way better in reality, very magical :O

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