25 July 2007

A wish...

My God, Asalah's 2007 is hard to translate :S
That's the best I could do in that song :D
There is a girl who sing in the background, she has amazing voice...She begin singing on 3:40 and stop singing on 3:50 :)~
I have n o idea who is she but her voice is beautiful :>

Song name: Omniyah (A wish) أمنية
Album: Sawwaha Qalbi سواها قلبي 2007
Song genre: Khaleeji
Singer: Asalah, Assala, Asala - أصالة
Lyrics by: Malamih - ملامح
Composed by: Salah Ahmad - صلاح احمد
Arranged by: Khalid Ez & Hani Farahat - خالد عز و هاني فرحات
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I swear that I wish for one thing only...
I wish that I own the whole universe in my hand...
So whenever you wish for a thing...
Or before dreaming of it, I will make it true!
Before you speak up, I will!
Before you complain about anything I will come with solutions!
I wish that I own the universe in my hands so I can fulfill all your wishes!

I know that my wishes are nothing but wishes...
If I can make my wishes come true, I would dedicate life to you!
I only want to see you happy...
I feel happy when I see you smile...
I wish that I own the universe in my hands so I can fulfill all your wishes!

You are my pride and humiliation...
You are the most beautiful thing ever happened to me...
What could I dedicate to you except me?
I will throw the days of my life under your feet... In return, I want to see you smile forever!
My life was a mistake before knowing you...
It's frustrating, I swear it is...
Because I can't reach the sky so I can't dedicate the moon to you as a gift...
I wish to do that but unfortunately I can do nothing about it

والله اني ما اتمنى في حياتي الا شي
اني املك كل هالدنيا في ايدي
ما اسمعك في يوم تنطق كان ودي
قبل لا تحلم احقق
قبل لا تحكي اقول
قبل لا تشكي همومك لك اجيك كلي حلول
و ليت كل هالكون بإيدي لأجل احقق ما تبيه

ادري ان امنياتي هي مجرد امنيات
لو اني املكها حياتي كنت أبهديك الحياة
بس اشوف الابتسامة ما تفارق دنيتك
ياللي كل ايامي تضحك لما اشوف بسمتك
و ليت كل هالكون بإيدي لأجل احقق ما تبيه

انت يا عزي و ذلي و اجمل ما حصلي
و ايش اقدملك سواي
و ارمي ايامي تحت اطهر خطا
ياللي كل ايام عمري قبل ما احبك خطا
اي قهر والله قهر...اني ما اقدر حتى ما اقدر...
اوصل حدود السما...لأجل اهديلك قمر
ودي والله ودي...بس ما في ايديني شي

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