24 November 2006

He promised one hundred times

Arab pop song with Arab rhythms performed by Diana Haddad, a great song.
I translated the first part of the song, It was hard to translate the other parts...It's really hard to translate Arabic poetry :(

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Song name: Wo Ehlifli Meet Yameen (He promised one hundred times)
Album: Diana 2006
Singer: Diana Haddad
Lyrics by: Mostafa Morsi
Composed by: Tamer Ashoor
Arranged by: Mohammed Mostafa
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

He promised one hundred times that he will be mine forever!
But the exact moment I dedicated my love to him; he forgot all about his promise!
That's when I found out that he is a great liar...
He always promise but never keep his promises, he only fall in love for very few days then he forget all about his love!


Anonymous said...

Looking for some examples of Saudi music that I can teach an american 4th and 5th grade class./ I'm just reaching out to see if anyone knows of anything that might be easy enough to learn and to sing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

delcuj1> yes sure, I could help...But I have no idea how to contact you :+