13 November 2006

I miss you

One of my very favorite songs released in 2003, It's a sad song with great lyrics. It was really hard to translate it, I guess the first paragraph was translated well but the 2nd and 3rd are meaningless in English!
The song reminds me of the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the whole album reminds me of that year.
The album was one of my favorite albums of the year 2003.

THE MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: Betoohashni (I miss you)
Singer: Sherine (Shereen | Arabic script: شرين)
Lyrics by: Nasr Mahroosnt>
Composed by: Riyadh Al Hamsharint>
Album: Jarh Thani (Second wound) 2003
Translated by: Bashar (Me)

I miss you even while I am sitting beside you!
I miss you; I even miss every single day I am spending with you!
And every second with out being with you is killing me!
And every single night I am living with out being with you makes my happy, scared and wounded.
I am afraid that even when I die I will still be missing you!

You are promising that there is no tomorrow, no day after tomorrow and I will not spend a single moment with out being with you; then you became late and I miss you more and I can do nothing about it because I don't have anybody to miss except you.

You are plaining many things and telling me many more promises but eventually I find my self with out you; then you give my some more hope but I always end up living the torture of your absence!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi :) I see you've been very active lately, Mashallah. Thank you for translating this song by Sherine, it is one of my favourites... And, as usually, I used to understand a word now and then when listening to it, but now, thanks to you, I understand it all :) Really kind of you :P

Anonymous said...

Hellow, Radiant Guy....
I just had a few moments floating in your blog and i must say that i will be back as soon as the night has given me the sleep that my body needs after a long day...
I just want to say: shukran jazillan for the initiative that you take and all the good energy that you put in it to make people sensitive for 'another' world than theirs....
My arabic is not that good that i can understand arabic songs but i try as much as i can to sense the meaning and usualy i let flow the ritme....since i study arabic in evening school (3th year) i will still need a few decades to fully understand LOL but with a blog like yours it should help me to make it happen sooner....:o)
Ma saleima....
And if you ever decide to put your translations together with the original arabic lyrics....let me know...:o):o):o) luar0009@yahoo.com
Ma saleima and thx so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment :)
I will email you now.