28 November 2006

I am OK!

This is one more tribute for Thekra (may her soul rest in heaven)...
I just added a biography of her in wikipedia.org Here is a direct link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thekra

One of her hit songs in the gulf area performed in "Khaleeji Dialect" (A form of Arabic language mainly spoken in Kuwait, eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and parts of Oman).
The song's music is a kind of "Khaleeji" folklore music.

DOWNLOAD the MP3 at 192 KBPS (4shared host)
Song name: "Ma Feeni Shai" (Arabic script: ما فيني شي)
Album: Thekra 2 (Arabic script: ذكرى 2)
Singer: Thekra (Arabic script: ذكرى)
Lyrics by: Turki
Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (Rumors says that the composer and the poet are the exact person but he is using a nick name since he is a prince).

I am ok, my beloved one don't worry about me..
It's just a tiny wound on the tip of my finger...
It's will heel very soon and it's might leave no scar at all If your hand touched mine!

You made laugh!
I wonder what will you do if you actually saw the wounds of my heart?!
I wonder what will you do if you saw the mountains of depression which I am carrying on my chest?!
If you felt how much my soul is thirsty for happiness; You would be stunned by my resistance to despair!

The despair which I've been through in my life time is not tiny!
Don't let my fake smile fool you because my heart is drunk with sadness!
Sadness wouldn't let me alone even for one single moment!

I am sorry my beloved one...
The wound of my heart is so deep; it's forced me to let it out and share it with you.
Please don't blame my heart because it's felt sorry for it self!

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