28 November 2006

Where are you?

This song was performed by the late singer Thekra (Arabic script: ذكرى) may her soul rest in peace :( 3 years ago on 28th of November 2003) she was murdered by her husband, this is a tribute from me to her soul.
I can never ever forget her, I am still
denying the fact that she is not living with us anymore.

I just added a biography of her in wikipedia.org Here is a direct link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thekra

The first three minutes of the song you'll hear a violene playing solo with Thekra showing off her voice by repeating the word "Ya Habeebi" (Arabic for "my love" or "my beloved one").

Music in the gulf region (locally referred to as "Khaleeji" Music) have many genres and rhythms this song is a great example of Khaleeji folklore genre called "Samri", it's usually used with melancholic poetry/lyrics.

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Song name: "Wainik Inta?" (Arabic script: ?وينك انت) Where are you?
Album: Thekra 2 (Arabic script: ذكرى 2)
Singer: Thekra (Arabic script: ذكرى)
Lyrics by: Turki Composed by: Tariq Mohammed (Rumors says that the composer and the poet are the exact person but he is using a nick name since he is a prince).

My beloved, can you see where did you end up and where did I?
My beloved one; you've left me alone and I am lost since then!

My beloved one, everything about me was changed..
Everybody knew about it; I used to say love does not exist but now I admit it...LOVE DO EXIST!

My wishes and youth were extinguished...
I am weak as a skinny tree standing against a great storm...
Sigh...If a kid listen to my depressing story he will have a grey hair instantly!

My beloved one, I wish when you left; you took "my longing" with you to comfort both of us!
But instead you left me with depression and wounds.

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