17 February 2008


I've heard that song the other day and I thought it sounds like Marwan Khoury's style...Later I found out it was actually written and composed by him!

Hekmat (Hikmate) is a Moroccan singer, I think she is a new one because I never heard of her until now...The song was amazing, I found her album somewhere online and I listened to it and I was instantly attached to this song...
I wrote this post as a draft on 24th of Nov. 2007 and I didn't complete it until now, I was hearing it all the time back then but I didn't really know that she did shoot a music video of it!

It's not as great as I imagined it to बे।

Song name: Hawil (Try) حاول
Album: Nefsy Akon Horrahنفسي أكون حرة 2007
Song genre: Slow Pop Music, Romance, Love,Challenging
Singer: Hikmate (Hekmat) - حكمت
Lyrics by: Mawran Khouri - مروان خوري
Composed by: Mawran Khouri - مروان خوري
Arranged by: Claude Shalhoob - كلود شلهوب
Translated by: RADIANT GUY (ME)

I loved you and I always will...No matter what you say...No matter how long we'll be mad at each others...I'll always love you

I told you and I'll keep telling you...Try to understand me...Don't toughen up on me...You might be able to read in my eyes what I am saying...Sigh

I told you, you can't own my heart whenever you want...
If you desire me and want us to reach the end of the road together...
Try to understand me once in your life...I don't want you to imagine me in your mind then ask me to be the way you imagined me...
Try to accept me the way I am, you might find out my real beauty, what is in my heart and my mind, it's not enough for me to know that you like me because of my pretty eyes

How many times I confessed my self that you will change soon, but when you look to me tenderly I forgot about it..
You told me and sweared to me ; and I didn't believe what I am seeing nor feeling...I tried to hide my tears and then I said this is the last time you act this way...Sigh
I am afraid that you will own my heart unfairly...I surrender my self to you and walk the way my self

حبيتك و بحبك أنا على طول...لو مهما حبيبي تقول...او مهما الزعل يطول...حبيتك
قلتلك و بقلك...حاول تفهمني شوية...لا تجرب تقسى علي...يمكن تقرا بعنيا شو بقلك...آه

قلتلك مش على كيفك تملك هالقلب...
لو بدكياني و ناوي نمشي هالدرب...
حاول تفهمني بحياتك مره فهمني و حياتك...برفض ترسمني بخيالك و بأوهامك تقلي كوني...
حاول تقبلني على حالي يمكن تتعرف ع جمالي شو مخبى بقلبي و أفكاري ما بيكفيني تحب عيوني

كم مرة أقول بتتغير بكرة، تضحك على قلبي بنظرة، ترجع ترضيني بغمرة كم مرة..
و تقلي تحلفلي كذب عيني و قلبي...الملم دمعاتي بخبي بس بقلك يا حبي هالمره آه
خيفانة ظلم عيونك يملك هالقلب...أتركلك حالي و أمشي لحالي هالدرب

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