20 March 2008

The Arab Conscience operetta

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On 27th of February 2008, I watched "Al Dhameer Al Arabi" (The Arab Conscience) operetta premiere on Zoom TV, which is considered part two of "Al Hilm Al Arabi" (The Arab Dream) operetta which was produced in 1998.

It's extends for more than 40 minutes, I according to the director, it's might get into the Guinness book for longest non stop song in the world.

It features more than 100 Arab artist, singers, actors, hosts...Etc, and talks about war using real archival videos of events took place in the whole world between 1998 to 2008.

The song is very touching I translated it to English but some parts made non sense because as I always says translating an Arab poem will make it loses the power of it.

Here is a list of some topics been brought up in the operetta:

9/11 attacks, Danish cartoons, Israeli massacres in Lebanon and Palestine, Desert fox, Sharon entrance to Al-Haram Al-Qudsi and the second Intifadha, Assassination of Muhammad Al-Durrah, War on Iraq, Kenya and Tanzania bombings, Bombing of southern Lebanon, War on terror, Resistance, World Peace, Terrorism, Arabism, Freedom of religion, Freedom of expression, Turning ethinic groups against each others, Civil wars, the Arab Dream Operetta, Separation wall in the Palestinian territores, Golan heights, Abu Ghraib prison, Human rights, Democracy, Al-Haram Al-Qudsi...Others

The operetta begins with two legends Wadee'a Al Safi (وديع الصافي) and Mohammad Al Ezabi (محمد العزبي) performing "Mawwal" (An Arab music genre), the actual operetta begins at 6:13 minutes.

It features Arab singers from many Arab countries such as Latifa (لطيفة), Hani Shaker (هاني شاكر), Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم), Khaled (خالد), Sherine (شيرين), Saber Al Rebai (صابر الرباعي), Redha Al Abdullah (رضا العبدالله), Amal Maher (آمال ماهر), Khaled Selim (خالد سليم), Ahlam (أحلام), Diana Karazon (ديانا كرزون), Abdullah Al Rowaished (عبدالله الرويشد), Wa'ad (وعد), Ehab Tawfeeq (إيهاب توفيق), Mostafa Mahfooth (مصطفى محفوظ), Amal Hejazi (أمل حجازي), Wa'el Jassar (وائل جسار), Omniyah (أمنية), Ammar Hassan (عمار حسن), Asalah (أصالة), Jailani (الشاب جيلاني), Nancy Za'abalawi (نانسي زعبلاوي), Majid Al Muhandis (ماجد المهندس), Amnah (آمنه), Lotfi Boshnaq (لطفي بوشناق), Yara (يارا), Omar Al-Abdullat (عمر عبداللات), Nawal (نوال), Noor Mhna (نور مهنا), Fatin Helal Baik (فاتن هلال بك), Mo'amin (مؤمن) and celebrities from many Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait.

You can watch full length music video below, uploaded on google video with English subtitles.

I have no idea where did they get all those lyrics for all those singers, you can find them below with English translations (they are not as good as the original Arabic though; I made them just to give you a general idea about what they are saying)

أنا عايزة العالم كله يمد كفوفه سلام
السلم العربي يكون سلام مش إستسلام

I want everybody in the world to reach the palms of peace
Arab peace should be a real peace not surrender

هاني شاكر
أنا عربي و رافض صمتي كاتم إحساس جوايا
و الشعب العربي فصفي ح أقول و يردوا ورايا

Hani Shaker
I am an Arab who refuses silence; I am depressing emotions deep inside of me
The Arab people are taking my side, I'll speak up and all of them will repeat after me

نانسي عجرم
يا صاحبي يا إنسان...هنا أو في أي مكان
ببعت رسالتي ليك...نطوي بها الأحزان

Nancy Ajram
Hey human friends…Here or anywhere else
I am sending my message to you, to fold (forget) our sadness

نبني مع الملايين بالعدل و الإيمان
يالله أنا و أنت نبني العالم أمان

Millions of us will build the world together with fair and faith
Let me and you built (spread) the world with safeness

أصل البشر إنسان كل الرسل إخوان
موسى و عيسى و محمد بيرفضوا العدوان

Sherine (Shereen)
All people are humans; All messengers are brothers
Moses, Jesus and Mohammed refuse tyranny

صابر الرباعي
و بيرفضوا ذلنا و بيمجدوا الإنسان
الله هو المحبة دينا هو السلام

Saber Al Reba'ei (Saber Rebai)
They refuses our humiliation, they glorify human beings
God is love; Our religion is peace

رضا العبدالله
قلنا شعاع النور في حلمنا الأول
يوصل سما و بحور يا للأسف طول

Redha Al Abdullah
We thought in our first dream that the ray of light, Will reach skies and seas...
But apparently it's taking forever

آمال ماهر
طول لأن الليل خلى الضمير أبكم
لو باقي فينا يوم لابد أن نحلم

Amal Maher
It's taking forever because the darkness of the night muted our consciences
If we had one day left for us a life...We will keep dreaming in that day too

خالد سليم
مات الإحساس جوانا و إلا إحنا إللي أموات
و إلا ضمير العالم خلاص إحساسه مات

Khalid Seleem
Did our feeling die, or are we the dead ones?
Or the world's conscience is the dead one?

و سلاح الشجب معانا شايلينه للأزمات
و الناس بتعاني معانا بدايات من غير نهايات

We are always carrying the weapon of deploring to use it in crises
People are being in constant agony, it starts but never ends

ديانا كرزون
قم يا أخي بالدم و إستنهض الهمة
و إصرخ و قل بالفم ما غاب بالقمة

Diana Karazon
Hey brother, stand up
Shout out load what they (presidents) didn't say in the summit

عبدالله الرويشد
سنقاوم مهما قالوا إرهاباً أو عدوان
لن يهدأ قلب فينا حتى نلقى الجولان

Abdullah Al Rowaished
We will resist no matter if they kept calling us terrorists or tyrants
We will never settle down until we retrieve the Golan Heights back

أنا رافضة أنا هيمنتك تحت ستار الحرية
أنا رافضة رأيك نصحك بإسم الديموقراطية

I refuse your dominance under the cover of freedom
I refuse your opinion and tips under the name of democracy

إيهاب توفيق
الحرية مش منحة تتفضل بيها علي
إرادتنا تمحي المحنة إصحي يا أمة يا عربية

Ehab Tawfeeq
Freedom is not a grant you dedicate to me
Our will take over our Plight, wake up Arab nation

مصطفى محفوظ
عمر السلام ما كان أحلام بنشوفها منام
الظلم في كل مكان يا ناس كفاية كلام

Mostafa Mahfooth
Peace was never a dream which we see while we are sleeping
Injustice is every where; hey people stop talking and take an action

أمل حجازي
حربك ضد الإرهاب عنوان ظالم كذاب
مفهومك للحرية ضد حقوق الإنسان

Amal Hejazi
Your war against terror is unfair and false logo
Your definition of freedom is against human rights

وائل جسار
أطفال شيوخ نساء تصرخ و محدش سامع
أشلاء دماء شهداء و ضمير العالم ضايع

Wa'el Jassar
Children, old people, woman are screaming while nobody is listening
Pieces, blood and dead people…While the world's subconscious is lost

يا أمة صحي الهمة وصلي صوتك للكون
قتلوا رموز الأمة و لا حرك فينا سكون

Hey nation, wake up and let your voice be heard
They killed the symbols of the nation while no one took an action

عمار حسن
هي عادة فينا نرعى حقوق الجار
هذه الشعوب غدت عزماً بغير قرار

Ammar Hassan
It's one of our habits to look after our neighbors
People became a determination without a decision

نبكي و دمع الناس دمع بغير رياء
فإذا غفى الإحساس ماذا يفيد بكاء

Asalah (Assala, Asala)
We are crying with the people who are crying for real
If our emotions slept (If we lost our emotions)[br]What our tears will be good for?

الشاب جيلاني
عذراً رسول الله في حرمة الأديان
لو لي مدى أحياه فسأطلب الغفران

Sorry the messenger of God, they transgressed the inviolabilities of religions
I will ask for forgiveness for the rest of my life

نانسي زعبلاوي
فبعزة التوراة و محبة الإنجيل
بحكمة القرآن تبقى الأديان دليل

Nancy Za'abalawi
In the name of the Torah's appreciation and the love of the bible…
In the name of the Qur'an's wisdom; religions will always be a guide

ماجد المهندس
غزة بغداد بيروت الحزن بكل مكان
عزيمتنا لا ما تموت راح تقوى بالإيمان

Majid Al Muhandis
Gaza, Baghdad and Beirut…Sadness is everywhere
Our determination will never die; it will get stronger with faith

آمنة فاخر
كلنا إخوان في الأزمة إيد وحدة عالعدوان
كلنا واعيين للفتنة كلنا ملك الأوطان

Amnah Fakher
Our determination will never die; it will get stronger with faith
We are all one family during crisis standing up in the face of tyranny

لطفي بوشناق
لعبتهم هي الفتنة و لازم نكون صاحيين
للفتنة و نار الفتنة و لابد نكون واعيين

Lotfi Boshnaq (Lutfi Bo Shnaq)
Their game is turning us against each others, we have to be awake
We have to realize that and the fire (subsequences) of it

لا تقول مسلم و مسيحي كلنا واحد إخوان
لا تقول سني و لا شيعي كلنا إسمنا لبنان

Don't say I am a Muslim nor Christian, we are all one family
Don't say I am Sunni nor Shitte, we are all Lebanon

عمر العبداللات
يا خويا يا عربي إحنا بقينا أغراب
يا صمتنا العربي إنطق كفاية غياب

Omar Al Abdullat
Dear Arab brother, we became strangers
Our silence, return back and speak up

إرفع جبينك فوق خلي الكلام فعل
يا ضميرنا يا عربي محال موتك محال

Raise your forehead (face) in pride and express your words into action
Our Arab conscience, it's impossible for you to die

نور مهنا
الله يا الله عاث بنا الأعداء
ناديت يا الله ما خاب فيك رجاء

Noor Mhna
Dear God, they are spreading around us like lice
I am seeking for your help; I know you will never let me down

فاتن هلال
أيقظ ضمير الأمة رجع لها الإحساس
يا رافع الغمة صحي ضمير الناس

Fatin Helal Baik
I am seeking for your help; I know you will never let me down
Dear God, wake our nation's conscience up…[br]Let her (the nation) feel backs

صحي قلوب الناس صحي بها النخوة
إصرخ بكل إحساس إن العرب أخوة

Dear God, Let people's hearts wake up...Let their preference for each others wakes up
Shout out load emotionally..."Arab are a family"


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I have no idea where did they get all those lyrics for all those singers, you can find them below with English translations (they are not as good as the original Arabic though; I made them just to give you a general idea about what they are saying)

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