23 March 2008

I can't sleep

Don't ask why because I have no idea why, I just keep thinking about tons of stuff though my eyes are closed yet my mind is super awake; so I went to the super market to get something to eat, a sandwich, Cola and heavenly made cookies...I ate the whole box and that made me hyper instead of sleepy LOL

Does anyone else have that problem and knows how to solve it?

مادري ليش مو قادر انام اليوم، قاعد افكر ابمليون شي مع ان عيني مسكرة بس مخي شغال نفس اليني، رحت الجمعية اييب شي اكله...شريت سندووس (سندويجة) و كولا و بسكوت مو طبيعي...كليت كل العلبة، بدال ما ادوخ و انام الشكر خلاني اصحى اكثر لووول

في أحد فيكم عنده هالمشكلة و يعرف لها حل؟


Ali Albadri said...

والله انا عندي مشكلة بس عادي انام :)

Noor said...

It sounds like you have an overactive mind. Whenever this happens to me, I use the time to my advantage by reading or writing. This usually relaxes me enough to put me asleep.

Good luck,