29 March 2008

Epic-Fu mix question

Last week's Epic-Fu mix question is

What is the biggest problem, other than language, communicating with someone from another country?

Below is my video response:

في حلقة الأسبوع اللي طاف في مكس برنامج إبك فو كان السؤال هو

ما هي أكبر مشكلة، غير اللغة، للإتصال مع شخص من دولة أخرى؟

تلاقون تحت إجابتي:


Unknown said...

Thank You for this it meant alot to me that translated what you said in arabic........

Arabic sounds more beautiful although you speak really good english

Also loved the music at the begining.......

radiantguy.com said...

Well i had to because people in Epic-Fu doesn't speak Arabic :D

Inshalla from now on i will add subs just for you, since you are the only watching my vlogs LOL

The music in the beggining is a part of Latifa's song, you can find more about it here: